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After a particularly bad shot, I'll say, "My problem is, my swing keeps repeating."   If a guy is having an amazing day with his short game, "Up and down like a *****'s knickers."   If i make a sand save or recovery for par from a really bad tee shot, "I'm going to play the hole like that from now on!"
I like Elk.  He has some great stories and his web sites are good as well. secretgolf.com and secretinthedirt.com   In the hierchy of offensive tweets about Michael Sam, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being death threat/abhorrent and 10 being supportive, I'm guessing his is about a 4.  I'm pretty sure Michael Sam wasn't tossing and turning all night over how offensive it was.
  Hey, Rudy had a hell of a life!  He walked onto the ND team, got that sack against Georgia Tech, and saved middle earth when freakin' Frodo couldn't finish the job and throw that ring into the fires of Mount Doom. That joke is about 2 years too late.  Wonder what happened to Travis Robinson?
The sport's greatest con is summed up nicely in that great old Scottish lament, "Just once I would like to play my usual game!"  When I hit a great shot, I have to gaurd against thinking, "that's the way I should hit every shot!" Same goes for when I hit a horrible shot.   I'm more afraid of getting worse than conning myself into thinking I'm any good.  I'm 58 now, and just hope I can keep improving.  Lessons, mirror practice, range time and playing a lot have dropped my...
Just to show how golf is witchcraft, Troy Merritt follows that 82 with a 75, then steadies himself with an even par 70.  17 over, DFL.  Last week he rolled in every putt he looked at.  He's probably wishing there was a cut this week as bad as he's going.  Still, he's into the PGA and Masters etc, plus a giant paycheck for winning.
The ultimate candidate would be an illegal immigrant, single mother, lesbian with a degree from one of the boutique women's schools like Vassar or Wellesley.   Or Rory.  Speith is too Texan.
Isn't honors a rule rather than just etiquette?  If it was match play and he didn't have honors, you could make him rehit the shot - no penalty.   I guess there is no recourse in stroke play, just 200 years of tradition.
Klund, you're a genius!  Worked great!  How did you know which updates to uninstall?
Great! Thanks klund. I'll give that a try when I get home.
I was getting the same error message about the virtual machine component. How do i go about removing those three updates that you are showing there?
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