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My best shot this week led to an improbable birdie.  I pulled my drive into the trees.  It hit solid and bounced back out onto the fairway!  Still had 185 uphill into a good breeze.  Hit a hybrid right on the screws with a little fade to 7 feet!  Made the putt.  I know a par after hitting a tree is called a barkie.  What is it if you birdie after hitting a tree?!?
On his first putt, he barely touched it and it rolled four feet past.  Coming off that slope, I don't know if he could have stopped it near the hole.  Jason Day had about the same putt, a little longer and his putt rolled by 3-4 feet.   From the time Jason Day holed his three-footer 'til the time Dustin Johnson stroked his eagle putt was almost 2 minutes.  And he was scoping it out while JD was lining up his birdie putt.  So DJ had a good look at that eagle.
I don't like the leave-it-in-'til-the-last-second trick.  Seems a little too "look at me! I'm a caddy!"  If i'm tending, i pull it as soon as the putt is struck.
I use Martini tees for driving.  They last until you lose one.  We have the little funnels on each tee box for broken tees.  Most at my club pick up thier own, but depending on how thier round is going they may get mad and leave a broken one.   I like a clean tee box so i police the area prior to hitting.  Don't need any more distractions.
Did they bury that freak or did he just ride up to heaven on a unicorn?
The theoretical low score is 50 (without holing out from off the green).  Eagle the par 5's (-8) and birdie the rest (-14).   As the conditioning and equipment get better, the courses get longer, fairways narrower, and greens quicker.  So the pros are constantly chasing a moving target.  Even 59 is rare, so no, I don't think anyone will get to -18.
Pavlov dogged it on that hole.
Slightly off-topic, but why do the caddies have to carry the bags?  Why can't they use pull carts?  I see this in some Asian tour events.
  I was thinking the same thing, but apparently (from Wikipedia): CausesBlood blisters are commonly caused by accidents in which the skin is pinched by a tool, mechanism, or heavy weight without protective gear. Blood blisters can also arise from forcible human contact, including grappling.Blood blisters also may occur with constant rubbing back and forth. Because of this, baseball pitchers and drummers often contract blood blisters on the fingers. They also form as a...
Yea, he seemed pretty intense 24-7.  Never played with someone who was that focused, but then at my club it's a bunch of engineers, geologists, drillers, and the occasional teacher thrown in.  It's a good group with a lot of interesting people who have been all over the world chasing hydrocarbons.   Lots of good conversation.
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