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What a rip off!  He pays $40k for sex and for the skanks to shut the hell up and then gets ratted out by a "friend."   He should have gassed up the G5 and hit up Dubai or Abu Dhabi.  He would be anonymous over there and could save some money (except for the jet fuel to get there).
He's 30 on the OWGR.  That's earned, not given.  Although back in 2010, he was 10th!   Then there is his Q-score.  http://www.qscores.com Which is a measure of a person's marketability and consumer appeal.  You have to pay the Q-score people to get access to that rating. I assume his Q-score is higher than say Luke Donald (boring), but lower than Rory and Rickie.  Probably lower than Tiger who is slipping right about now.
 That was a troll move that if i had to do over i'd edit out.  But all the +1, Agreed, ^This etc. in rapid succession is irritating to me.  Next time. #12 is a great hole.  #17 is a dramatic hole that has many times decided the tournament, so not really just a skank on the corner.  OK, the distinction I get now.  Although it seems that US Open greens only give one option and if you miss, then it'll end badly.  Also, I was talking about the entire 115 years of the...
Hi Eyad!!  Are you sticking around for Ramadan?   I think Jack once said that there is tournament golf, and then there is major championship golf.  The two are not the same.  The Players and Sawgrass is absolutely Target golf.  But is it major championship golf?
 The Players has the field, the money and is developing it's own history.  Unfortunately, from the small sample I'm reading above, Sawgrass is not Pinehurst or St. Andrews or Pebble or even Harbor Town.  And now the Players is so closely associated with Sawgrass that it may never become a major if the perception of the course doesn't change. Maybe they could develop an article of clothing to give to the winner along with the Waterford trophy.  Or a customized golf cart...
So the "Players is/isn't a major" thread developed into a good discussion about the history of majors and when/if the Players will ever acheive that lofty status.  But one observation (by our host iacas) was very interesting to me. The observation that target golf is boring!  And that Sawgrass is gimmicky an not a major caliber track.   Predictably, several sycophants errrrrrrrrrr additional posters chimed in and agreed that Sawgrass is not worthy.  Well, what...
Nobody can really say how individual tournaments became majors.  There's some talk about Arnie in 1960, and Herbert Warren Wind, and Jack, but when did the Masters become a major and the Amateur tournaments and Western Open stop being majors?   The R and A, USGA, or PGA have no say whether a tournament is a major or not. It's not in any rule book.  It's like the World Series.  Since the US was the only one playing professional baseball, might as well call it the "World"...
Hi Eyad!! We need to get together for a round soon.  Access to Rolling Hills is a nightmare, but maybe we could meet up in Bahrain or Dubai.  Or I could make the road trip to Riyadh.
 That break-up was a mortal lock.  It was the break-up, death and taxes in that order.  Didn't think it would happen this fast though.
OT, but golfers used to have some great handles - Golden Bear, the Shark, Boom Boom, the Hawk (Hogan), the Walrus, the Big Easy... Now Tiger is Tigs and Rory is Rors. Weak!
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