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The most annoying phrase used on this forum is, "having said that."  The poster then proceeds to take the other side of the argument.  Way to commit!! What's wrong with but or however?   I work in Saudi where English is a second language.  Some of the email I get makes the members of this forum look like Ernie Freaking Hemingway.  Here's an email i got yesterday:   Mr. XXX   Please coordinate with Vendor along with contractor to have meeting for discuss above...
 Hey Monte, did you check out the 2013 Snooker "World" Championships?  You had one guy from China, one guy from Hong Kong and the rest from the UK. How is that a world championship?  But whatever, nobody cares because it's not even a sport.  It's a parlor game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_World_Snooker_Championship
Rory absolutely has star power!  Just not as much power as the Super Bowl (108 Million viewers), the premeire league final (150 million viewers - Thanks Jorrit!!), or Lawrence Taylor used to have (before he started in on the drugs and underage prostitutes). I'm trying a subtle segue back to the topic.   Rory will NEVER be Tiger, who almost got into Jordan level when it comes to Q-rating.  But he is getting up there.  With a few more majors and a few more smoke-show...
 Was that statement meant to be sarcastic?  Because that is absolute nonsense.  Of the 50 most watched sporting events in 2013, 46 of them were NFL games.  The top 26 were all NFL games. http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2013/12/2013-ratings-wrap-nfl-dominates-list-of-most-watched-sporting-events/ What do you consider a major sport?
I gave up the dream of being a tour pro.  Apparently you have to consume a lot of drugs and have sex with a lot of skanky women.  But there are some down sides as well.   My next dream is to beat Usain Bolt in both the 100 and 200.  That one will have to wait a little as i pulled a hammy in a pick-up beer league softball game.  And at 57, i don't heal as quickly as i usd to.
What should have happened was the organizer should have pulled you aside and told you, "You're paired with the pro.  We typically cover him in this competition.  Are you OK with that?"  That gives you the opportunity to back out and find a new partner.  Hell, what if you didn't have an extra $20?!?  Then you have to drive to the ATM (awkward).   Once the round was over, I would have just paid up (it's only $20) and suggested that in the future, the "cover the pro" rule...
How about "closest to being IN bounds".  If my ball is close to the OB line, 100% of the time it is on the wrong side.  My personal record is <1".
 Rory's tee shot was 1 yard from going into the hazard on 18.  Remember last week when Rory, Sergio and Rickie were back and forth.  Two times on the back nine Rory's ball was heading for the trees and both times they kicked out into the fairway.  Yea, there is an element of luck involved.
This forum is the best.  I don't think there is one single golfer - past or present - where we could come to a consensus and say, yes that guy is a good guy.   Bubba is too stupid and religious and doesn't know his French history Henrick is too smart and robotic DJ is a coke-addicted home wrecker Rickie is a peacock who wears a funny hat Phil is too fake, or too real, or has a fake/real smile Sergio can't win the big one and is an a-hole Tiger (100 threads on his...
 This is the one thing that I can't stand about Gary McCord.  And he's trying to get the other announcers to join in as to whether a putt is going to drop (they aren't going for it so far).  Why doesn't he just talk about the break and speed and then comment on the make or miss.  The prediction thing is all nonsense.  He needs to stop doing that.
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