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I think Yogi Berra said it best - "90 per cent of this game is half mental". Of course he was talking about baseball.
Yes. It's everyone's favorite. The competition is serious, but everyone hopes that we all play our best. It's a great atmosphere.
Here at the Rolling Hills Golf Club in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, we play a Ryder Cup competition.  Unlike the real Ryder Cup, we play it every year.  Also, it's a ROW vs. the USA.  We are a very diverse club with nationalities from every part of the world represented.  Our club makes the UN look like Augusta National.   Unfortunately, like the real Ryder Cup, the US team is coming up short.  For the last couple of years it's been very close. Coming down to literally the...
Remember how Jordan used to get worked by those minor league pitchers?  They'd break off a curve ball or throw a change up and Jordan would be lunging and spinning and augering in looking the fool.  And these were MINOR league pitchers.  Couldn't even make the Show.   Just because you're the GOAT in one sport, doesn't mean you're going to dominate another. If he's keeping a true handicap, then anyone else with a true handicap that isn't intimidated by celebrity status...
The "color" is why Zero got elected. He takes a 40 car motorcade to do his lame every guy act at the local drive through. The people who are members at these clubs aren't impressed with his politics and would rather he take his swing and his weak jump shot down the road.
I wouldn't watch these guys play if they were teeing it up in the foursome ahead of me. Those celebrity pro ams are unwatchable, so why would this be any kind of entertaining. If Jordan is really a two, there are guys on this forum who will give him strokes and still stomp his narrow ass into a mud hole. Keegan Bradley said he will give Jordan 6 strokes and wager all the real estate on the coast of Florida. Yea, those guys have nasty cross-overs and can go strong to...
The simplest way to stop a cheater is for YOU to keep the score card. Grab the card at the beginning of the round and after each hole write down everyone's score! It's not like you're solving differential equations! Fred, nice par! Bert, three Jack for a bogey Elmer, three on and two putts - bogey Dad, topped drive, two in the bunker, left it in the bunker, four on and three putts - triple! Damn Pops! You made a mess of that hole! How hard was that? Don't try and pull...
It's a little different here in the Kingdom.  Some days when it's 120 deg and you're playing like garbage, you think to yourself, is it really worth it?  I'm not having any fun.  I'm sweating buckets. I need to hit a good shot!  I've shut it down mid-round because it's just too miserable to continue if I'm not playing well.
I've been golfing seriously for about 2 1/2 years now.  I'm about a 14.  I don't know how many times i've told my foursome, "I'm selling my clubs at the turn!"  Then, i'll hit a shot pure, or get up and down from a bunker, and I'll think, "OK, just a couple more holes."  By the end, i'm thinking, "maybe i could get in another 9 if it's not too crowded."
After a poor drive  "You're standing too close to the ball - after you hit it."   After a long putt with a lot of break "You read that green right down to the roots!"   And the old favorites:   Hit a tree and make par - Barky Make par from a trap - Sandy Hit a light pole and make par - Sparky Guy with a good short game - He's up and down like a *****'s knickers (contributed by my Brit buddies).
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