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Sam Snead, Lee Trevino and Old Tom Morris.
At my club we have about 400 members.  Mostly engineers, geologists, and doctors.  Everyone keeps handicaps and we have about 12 tournaments a year that about half participate in.  We have one scratch and one +1 (from the same family).  Also a 1.4 and the pro is a 2.  that's it!  Quite a few single digit guys, but only those 4 who are close to scratch or better out of 400.
 WRONG!  Labron, Kobe, Michael, Bird, Magic...  They all got preferential treatment. You ever hear of the Jordan Rules? Jordan carried the ball every time he went to the hole.  Never got called.  Plus you weren't allowed to touch Air Jordan or it was a foul.  Labron hardly ever dribbles.  He takes one bounce, then it's four steps to the rack.  He even jokes about it.  Calls it his crab walk.  Superstars get the calls.  Greg Maddox painted the black so often and so well...
I like it!  Also applies to power lines, electrical junction boxes, telephone poles etc.
I know the term for making par out of the sand, and making par after hitting a tree.  What is the term for making par after hitting a light pole?   Our course has the front nine lit at night.  I hit a light pole and the ball ricocheted toward the green.  I got up and down for a par!  I need a name for that!
This story reads like a Carl Hiaasen novel.  A transgendered, fake, physicist designs a zero MOI putter and fools everyone (no such thing as zero MOI, but irrelevant to the story).  Only the whole thing ends tragically.  Crazy stuff.  I didn't know that the golf club design industry was so cut-throat.   http://grantland.com/features/a-mysterious-physicist-golf-club-dr-v/
I think Greg Norman started when he was 16.  He would get to the course before sunrise and exercise in the parking lot.  Then he would hit balls all day and play round after round.  Then he worked on his putting and short game until after dark.  Show up the next day and do it all over again.  He was scratch in about a year.   It's really hard.   Good luck.
There's no way to really tell if you did the right thing given the scenario as presented. In order to properly advise, you need to post a picture of the wife.
5 balls? And all you were doing is taking a few swings post round? That guy should have just looked the other way. Maybe it's a liability thing.
This question illustrates the difference between rules and legalisms.  How is picking up a discarded tee using someone else's equipment?  How do you establish ownership of a broken tee?  This kind of idiocy is ruining the game.  The ball doesn't care how it's teed up.  They used to use sand and spit in Old Tom Morris' day.  When the Walrus put down a towel to keep from getting his pants wet, that was called, "building a stance."  Really!  I call it keeping his pants...
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