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Short Term Goals:   1. Get back on the golf course (when i get home from deployment) 2. 15-20 hours a week practicing and getting back into the groove where i was when i left 3. Play once a week (at least)   Long Term Goals:   1. Break my lowest round record (72 at Sea and Air Golf Course, Coronado, San Diego, CA) 2. Become more efficient out of bunkers (my major downfall on the course) 3. No-Three putts for 2 consecutive rounds   These are my...
2003 Honda Civic Si (EP3), i love my hatch, good on gas and looks good too! and all it needs to do is fit me and my golf clubs and my wife and child and that is it!!! and it does just fine in all those aspects!!!!
besides golf, my hobbies would be photography (which i just got into, prior to deployment), fishing, but nothing in life can fulfill my happiness then getting on a golf course on a nice day, and just doing what you love!!!
I am in the United States Navy, and currently on deployment! Can't wait to get back home and see them fam and see Torrey Pines again!!!!
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