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Ute Creek right. Were the greens scabbed up? I was there a couple weeks ago and it was in pretty rough shape.
Thing is unless you spend 24/7 with your wife in the days leading up to the birth you could miss all or part of it anyway. I have friends that missed the birth of their children unintentionally due to things they couldn't control. Baby comes unexpected, they are stuck on the job, travel takes longer than it should trying to get there. You have a lifetime to bond with your kids. I was born during a Super Bowl, my family jokes they had to miss it because of me. Funny thing...
Depends on how well it's done. Here it ranges from terrible to barely notice it. The terrible places are just as bad to hold a wedge as to putt. I've seen balls skip on the sand like it's water. My problem with putts is the inconsistent speed, sand could be heavier in some areas etc. I suppose if I have an issue with it is it usually happens during the handicap season here. I posted a picture last year of a course I played that had inch diameter holes in the greens. Some...
Money for me. For BH the playoffs also seemed to signal his arrival as a better player. Women give birth all the time with no problem. This is a life changing opportunity for his family.
Great stuff should help a lot of people. Never met a slicer that wasn't doing most if not everything mentioned above trying to play the slice.
No doubt I've made some cool par saves playing out of hazards. I think the only reason OB comes up in these relaxed rules is for whatever reason too many fail to play a provisional and spend too much time looking for lost balls. No kidding when the time comes and I declare it strangers look at me like I just spoke in tongues. I don't see how it makes golf any easier or more enjoyable. If I hit one OB and play every other shot on the hole half decent the impact to score is...
Yeah something doesn't add up. My guess is he plays more than he posts and that he is a sandbagger.
Really depends on where the tournaments are played. Are his scores all from the same course?
I see this a lot looking when I look at handicap history from some of the guys in our club that don't play often. Just looks like he's getting better to me. Maybe due to more practice than playing.
New Posts  All Forums: