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Sure but 40 yards is 4 clubs for most and presents a different degree of difficultly for someone struggling to shoot 20 over than it does for someone that stands a chance to break 80 every time out. The golfer struggling to break 100 is hitting more poor drives than good every time they play.
 Moving up would make your approach shot following the mishit closer to the hole. That is always better.
I don't doubt the majority of permit holders never have a problem but that says nothing about their ability to react in one, zero. Not to mention you posted data gathered by a pro gun site. If anything all it proves is the majority of permit holders don't need it. The old argument used to be you never know when you will need it not we are better conflict negotiators.
Even if irresponsible use of a phone while driving has potentially deadly consequences the series of events leading to that point are entirely different things. You aren't faced with deciding whether deadly force is necessary placing a call in your car. If you carry you need to ask yourself am I capable of killing someone on purpose.
Here the classes fill up quickly when the gun show comes, they advertise on the radio. I know a family that did it together like it was a trip to the zoo. Class was Sat morning and Mon morning they all went down to the Sheriff's Dept. to pay their fees and apply. Tue a couple had RMGO stickers on the rear window of their cars.  
About half the people I know with a permit wouldn't be capable of reacting appropriately during a potential necessary deadly force confrontation. I base the assumption on how I see them react in less dangerous situations. FWIW none are hotheads and certainly not maniacs in fact all are people I doubt would even have the guts to reach for the gun but if they did it likely wouldn't end well.
More than being too long I think far too many buy clubs based on what they think will look good in their bag. I call it club fashion. People like to mimic the pros.
The only time what is going in my head affects how I play is when I am playing distracted. Totally preventable if I wouldn't golf distracted so zero. I've missed 2 foot putts just going through the motions because I was thinking about something that happened at work and kicked myself for it later.
The distance amateurs lack is because they make poor contact most of the time. A longer driver may help them when they hit a good one but that's what maybe once a round.   I mentioned this a few months ago in one of the distance/consistency threads. At the time I was playing decent golf [for me] was breaking 80 often trending towards a high 6 handicap. I posted that on any given day my best to worst drive varied as much as 100 yards +/-. Someone playing bogey golf...
The thread that spawned this one is proof. Someone brought a gun to the golf course that was incapable of resolving a confrontation caused by slow play. What's the chance this person has what it takes to react appropriately when life and death is on the line.
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