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Our greens still suck. It's been several weeks and I can still see holes with quite a bit of sand on them. Enough that I can see a sand splash if I hit the green.
He was good enough to be paired with the #1 ranked player in the world on Masters Sunday.   The reality is we have no idea what he will or won't accomplish until he's done. Until then my money is on him being near or at the top of the OWGR again and winning tournaments. He's just 39. Is he an old 39 maybe but guys are out there winning after 40. People talk about Jimmy Walker and Henrik Stenson like they were freshly minted yesterday at 36 and 39. Phil has won 5x after...
High handicap golfers only repeat one thing, a barrage of mishits.
I think what some mean when they say Tiger won't win again is really just they don't want him to win again. Some of the things mentioned in this thread indicating his premature demise are silly.
Too much emphasis on FIR. We have holes where I intentionally avoid the fairway because the rough isn't enough to worry about and the hole plays easier from the side. Honestly the fairway on one hole at the course I play most is more risky than the left rough because it slopes to a hazard. Anything that lands right of center is gone if the rough doesn't slow it down. Even if it does playing from right rough is tricky because the green is behind a mound on that side with...
46 played my worst golf of the year hitting the highest GIR (47%) last night. No crazy bounces just poor golf. The two par 3's that usually give me the most trouble ended in 3 putts after hitting the green. I chunked two pitches on par 4's taking 4 freaking shots to get on the green before two putting for doubles. So weird because I started hitting the ball great. Par on #1 was about as good as I've ever hit it. All bad after that.
In cart cup holder. Unfortunately mobile office means I am never away from it. Sometimes when alone I have to turn ringer all the way up. Often rings mid swing.
 Yeah snug then just a little more. I've never had a head come loose. I suppose someone could go nuts and strip an adapter but it wouldn't be the end of the world. A new adapter is less than what some of those wrenches sell for.
Where I think it could be helpful is it ties into GIR and would present a better analysis of how we miss greens. The current graphic <15 yards is somewhat vague and what falls where can be misleading. For example I have a shot recorded <15 yards that actually landed near OB. It's a funky poorly designed course I don't play often but that shot is in there as one of the better ones. The <15 yards thing they use is 90 feet with both sides, that is a sizable area. In current...
It would be nice to know how close to the hole our approaches are but I feel for all but the best rec golfers it's probably not a useful stat. Personally I don't hit enough greens for it to matter and those I do hit could be lucky bounces. I'd like to see better HBH stats just not sure what and how it should look.
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