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I like BW, one of my faves on tour, but the videos are dumb.
I actually like Yoko and when she got strange it was sincere, you know she meant because she is strange. But I was looking back in time so not really a fair judgment. Could have been cutting edge for the times but my tastes for psychedelic music ran more towards the San Francisco bands. Of course by the time I heard them it was late 70's early 80's.
I can see it now. Bubba and his entourage sitting in Waffle House dreaming up his next "escapade".
People shouldn't watch or comment ( oops I just did) with the hopes maybe he will stop. I don't know if the world is a bubble for the rich and famous but I don't understand the need for more attention than they already get. The music video thing is probably fun for him but to me it seems like mindless self indulgence. I will give him this at least his are intentionally silly. When celebs like Bruce Willis toss on a fedora and play harmonica singing blues in a bad, almost...
I missed the hundred yards part. The numbers would be flawed based on that. I don't known any sub 10 or so golfer missing greens so bad they are getting down at better than 30% near 100 yards. My stats for that are probably less than 5%.
Macca. The later era Beatles stuff John did was hit and miss IMO. Tried too hard to be as freaky as possible. Some of it was the times but shit like Revolution #9 is unlistenable and it got worse as he progressed towards Two Virgins. Paul got better, his first solo record is amazing. But from 65-67 John did some really good stuff, my fave stuff is Help through Revolver. That said I am all about the Stones.
Yeah but if you are shooting mid 80's golf and not getting up and down it means you are making more conventional pars than other golfers in your handicap range. I haven't looked at the stats lately but if I remember right the mid 80's golfer usually hits about 3-5 GIR. I make par or better 56% during a round and have to scramble for a third of those.
I think more people would benefit from fitting than not but most don't bother. The people I see either buy whatever the latest and greatest is or play junk year after year.
Pretty much spot on for me. All about where you miss greens. Better players are nGIR often and they hit more greens. If you only have to scramble 9 times a round your stats are going to be better than the guy that hits zero GIR. My last 20 U&D stat is 33.3%, YTD is 35.4%.
There are actually homes behind that house you cant see. It's a 530 yard par 5 at a private course. I am not sure the carry over the water but I can carry it easy with a 5i from tees in front and right of the box where I took that picture. This hole is a redesign, you can see the old green between the trees. It used to be a par 4 but the tees were right of the current tees up on a hill and the line of play was right of the big tree, there is a hazard/ESA area over there....
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