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No everything actually happens as told. I get treated very well at the places I frequent for a variety of reasons. You wouldn't understand.
It's the greens that are going to kill you. Trust me on this one.
Found $5 in the gutter walking to work today, so far a good day.
I don't think the reasoning is to minimize choices but because beginners are going to hit more bad shots than good so they don't need to have as many clubs. They could hit a 7 iron 20 times and the north to south dispersion could be 10-100+ yards with no two shots being exactly the same.
I wonder how many people that think they do this or that actually keep stats. My experience when you are strong in one stat usually goes with being weak in another unless they tie together. For whatever reason the stat threads don't get any action. My guess is because few actually take the time to input every single round because it is tedious. If you track stats you don't have to guess. It's a worthwhile effort, and also humbling.
Hard to say without seeing the op play in person. Maybe he could post other stats. However I play the course he mentions, not often but I do. Can see FIR 80% on the example he used because the play there is fairway wood or long iron from the tee to keep it out of the water. That is why the abundance of 150 approaches on 18. Despite being an old park style course the fairways can be very wide there. I may get up early and play this course tomorrow morning.
Depending on what for tipping can definitely be a worthwhile expense. I tip the people at my local restaurants well and it's a good thing for me. Not only do they remember me but I get exceptional service. I can call in my lunch order and they know who I am just by my order and it always ends the same way... "Thanks, how are you today Dave? It will be ready in 5 minutes". Don't even have to tell them who I am.   Another example when I walk into the bar and grill at my...
I may try the Barefoot B.E.R.B.S or the Vivo Barefoot. Neither are great looking but then again neither are most of the new True's.
It's almost condescending. They seem to want to get those folks out of the way to make room for the real golfers. Charlie was big on the double par rule, dang near fell out of his chair explaining it. Of course he was overzealous with the knucklehead campaign too. Which honestly was a more realistic measure to improve the quality of golf for all. I still think the major issue is time and cost. The bogus rules won't making swinging a club well any easier. If golf is too...
Talk about slow play. I would go nuts watching that.
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