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I ran through a couple puddles that had frozen and were thawing as the sun came up last week, grass was crispy too. Back to summer this week with temps in the 80/45 range.
Surprisingly serious for the Onion.
I hear more on the radio than anything. Unfortunately it's on all day in the office. I'd suggest something digital with minimal interruptions but consensus is unlikely. Our 50 something office assistant is a Taylor Swift nut. Frankly surprised ebola hasn't made it into the local campaign attacks. My guess only because it's not relevant in CO. Anyone in TX heard anything? "My opponent is personally going to escort a member of ISIS across the border and deliver you a jar of...
I've heard there was one here. Story is it was 3 holes with a self serve box with a slot in it to pay fees. They shoveled snow off it in the winter. Locals speak fondly of it so done right it sounds pretty cool.
Best tip is don't listen to tips. Seriously if you need help see a qualified instructor. Even the worst instructor I've had was better than any tip I read or was offered. The golfers I know that go from tip to tip are the ones that play terrible golf. Every time I see them it's something new.
Really just about opportunity isn't it? Doesn't matter who is POTUS any chance to get some blood in the water...Slightly OT but I can't wait for the local elections to be over. I don't care who it is you never hear someone say I plan to do this and this is why it's a good thing. It's always they other guy is a rotten scoundrel and that's why you should vote for me. Rather these are all the reasons my opponent is a douche of the highest order and I approve this message.
Pretty much and obvious most of the "news" shows are just scripted programming.
He seems to struggle with health related momentum these days. All of his focus tends to be majors and any nagging injury that prevents him from playing into form has him forcing it in big tournaments with poor results. If he is healthy IMO still enough left in the tank to be the best golfer on the planet, until his next injury.
IMO not off topic when you consider the fear mongering US media. It shows how inept Africa is at fighting disease and most of the scare here is based on what is happening in Africa, people thinking it could happen on a similar scale here etc. I would be willing to wager there hasn't been a syphilis related death contracted in the US since the advent of penicillin. There are only in the neighborhood of 12k annual syphilis infections in the US and it's over the minute you...
My guess is nobody is obsessing about you but it seems like your goal is to come here and prove you are an extremist. If someone disagrees with you the standard response is to call them a liberal, even if they aren't. The only thing it accomplishes it to further distance you from the members. I mean it's kind of funny when someone like Rush does it because well it's a persona he gets paid to put forth but you are starting to sound like a lunatic. Even Palin and Joe the...
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