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High school tournament right? Couldn't you have spoke to someone about it.
Better golfer Phil. More important to the game Arnie. The only reason Phil hasn't won more is Tiger.
When I was first getting into BMX we rode bikes way out there to find jumps and stuff we heard about at the track. I was older than 7 say 6th gradeish but still it was far, like different zip code and city far.
The bad thing is the boredom, it kills my biz. If I read one more Yelp review I am going pass out. Some are funny but dang some of those folks think they are actual food critics. The nutty thing is they are going off about some chain restaurant not meeting their expectations.
Has rained for about 24 hours here. Have received several emails from courses saying parts or all of it have been closed. I picked a good week to take time away from golf. Played Mon-Sun last week and by Sat I was going through the motions. After a couple of beers and holes on Sun I stopped putting.
Nothing to add other than the sooner you learn to eyeball an intermediate target the better player you will be. It's part of my routine.
Boutique companies aren't in it to conquer the world. Some get big, some don't. Most offer a premium product for a premium price to a finicky consumer that appreciates quality that can't be bought off the rack. You see it a lot in musical instruments, especially guitar related stuff.
All about protecting people from themselves and taking measures to prevent lawsuits.
I think in those instances it's just market correction, they were overcharging before because they could. No doubt less profitable now but the courses like that I frequent also don't offer what they once did, specifically exclusivity. I am certain their green fee structure is designed to keep them above water. What they can't predict is slow times due to whatever. But none ever seem to struggle because the private part was based in being built amongst a golf community and...
I can't think of any. I started again in 2012 and the same regulars are there every time I go, it's like walking into Cheers. I've even started to recognize the sneaky, hermit types that come out late in the afternoon and play alone. A couple of months ago it got so bad on weekends I don't even go out unless I see blocks of open times or get an invite to a private course. A typical Sat-Sun will have 250 golfers out there during peak hours. And that's on out of the way...
New Posts  All Forums: