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82 with 3 triples, 1 bogey and 14 pars last night, two in ponds and one OB. Took me 9 holes to feel like I could swing freely, for some reason I was really stiff and tense. But I made 14 pars so not like I played bad.
I play mostly after work so it is 9 most of the time. I see really good 9 deals on GolfNow. As low as $8 walking. But I have learned courses hate GolfNow Hot Deals.
Surprising so many missed DSG had in store pros. The SLDR commercials DSG has been running on TGC for several months mention it.
I liked the pro at our local store. He did me more than one solid while he was there. He was fair with trades and always mentioned if there was a trade promo. Seems weird DSG wouldn't try to offer these folks a different position. It wasn't uncommon to see the pro at our location doing more than hanging around the golf section. He helped me find belt lube for my treadmill once.
Yeah I like the each hole is a new hole approach. It's more than clearing the mind course management is part of it too. I often see guys get into trouble trying be a hero after a bad hole and it becomes a string of bad holes.
Maybe someone playing bogey golf can post their scoring stats. I don't sweat a bad score on any hole because I know the pars are coming later. I suppose the exception would be a bad score on the 18th when a good round is on the line. I would assume a guy playing single digit golf knows they are going to make par or better most of the time. One hole shouldn't be a distraction.
But if you have a chip at all it's the result of a previous shot that you mishit/misjudged. If you chip it poorly it's simply two bad shots. Hit it well and you don't have that chip. Which is why I mentioned the relevance of handicap in my first post in this thread, your handicap is indicative of your overall skill not how far you sometimes hit the ball. Being closer to the hole is always going to make golf easier. That's why golfers struggle on long par 4's, that's why...
FWIW I never mentioned POP in this thread only that a consistent long game doesn't usually go hand in hand with high handicap golf, at least not for me. When these threads come up there is always anecdotal evidence mentioned of high handicap golfers with terrible short games. It rarely makes sense. For example you typically don't see people 3 putt every hole unless they are new golfers. Even a terrible putter probably isn't getting much over 40 putts a round. In fact bogey...
To that I say get them on a launch monitor and prove it. Their high scores are enough for me to doubt it, nobody hits a driver better than a short iron, nobody. In seriousness I take these claims with a grain of salt every time. We all remember the "why doesn't anyone believe I can drive it 300" thread. When that guy got back from the launch monitor he came crashing out of the clouds back to earth. He hit something like two balls out of a hundred just over 300. The rest...
I don't see a lot of consistency from golfers playing over a low single digit handicap. When I started tracking stats I can't say I was shocked how much my drives varied throughout a round because I knew I sucked but it was interesting to see exactly how much, and it changed day to day. I don't hit 13/14 drivers these days, maybe once or twice a side, but when I did a typical day would be something like shortest of 200 and longest in the high 200's with misses in every...
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