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Today is the start of our season so finally the next score can be posted. The powers that be should really reconsider the dates of our season. While I am certain there is no standard for when courses are considered ready for in season play, weather would be a huge factor, most have just punched greens and the fairways are full of plugs. It will be weeks before course conditions don't affect scores.
I am a bigger fan after watching the Elk vid.
While we're at it can we teach them how to not hit every other ball in the weeds and how to use a watch?
IMO it's not so much that nobody thinks they are the problem as what people perceive paying green fees allows the to do. Some are ignorant but my experience is entitlement is a bigger factor. People think paying the fee is akin to admission to an amusement park, they are there to enjoy themselves regardless how it affects others. Personally I love being out there and I am never in a hurry to get off the course. I dislike speed golf more than slow golf. The only frustration...
There are a bazillion slow play threads here and everyone has a different opinion of what the cause is. My opinion is how fast a golfer gets to their ball only speeds up that part of it. Assuming they can find it and drive directly to it without waiting on someone else. Misuse of carts is way down on the list of things I see causing slow play. The primary cause I witness starts on the tee and it's always the same profile of golfer. The younger male knocking balls in every...
Until they make a cart that can help find errant shots and the resulting missing balls it wouldn't matter. Though the real issue is being brain dead and inconsiderate, those that think their enjoyment on the course is maximized by playing every inch of it. If courses and golfers were serious about speeding up play they would ask for and agree to bust out a handicap card and assign tees appropriate to their skill level.
I tend to be an underachiever on the course so all my days are pretty bad. My WTF moments are in the other direction. It's the low scores that freak me out.
I am hesitant to say I hit any club to a certain distance because like most the only consistent thing for me is inconsistency. Don't track anything but drives for stats anymore but a typical day would something like shortest drive 200ish and longest may be 300. I can't predict when a good drive is coming but I assume most will be just okay.
Really liking the names at the top. We have bad weather tomorrow so this could be a very cool final day.
Rickie! Nice round hope he keeps it going. And with that I think I jinxed him, just hit a big push into trees.
New Posts  All Forums: