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 Yes but more valuable IMO is understanding the risks would probably alleviate concern and people wouldn't feel so strongly about those things given the very few US Ebola cases. You have a better chance to win the lottery than contracting Ebola on US soil if you aren't treating someone infected. Even the 12000 or whatever cases in Africa is a very small portion of the population in a country inept at fighting disease. Here it's been a sensational news story but IMO the...
Which is why I think they need to take it a step further and publish risk stats for different types of exposures like they do with STD's. That way they quantify theoretical risks so when people read it they have the info to prevent minds from wandering. If you saw that the CDC says there is a possibility of infection from droplets on contaminated surfaces but the instance of infection is 10 in 20000 compared to 5 in 1000 from direct contact with infected person  you...
Yes but they don't suffer different symptoms, which again is what Lihu said and that is what Phan52 is responding to. The difference is the quality of treatment and I assume how soon. Really not even worth debating because this much we know.
Organizations adding or subtracting symptoms doesn't mean the symptoms will be different for people in different areas, which is what Lihu said. Ebola is Ebola.
Not sure where you heard/read that. Ebola is ebola no matter where and the symptoms will be the same, the severity may differ slightly but it is what it is. The difference is how it's treated, obviously the US health care system is better than rural Africa. Duncan died in the US, he wasn't malnourished, what killed him was lack of treatment. That's why they die in Africa.
Everything I've read says it's a group of symptoms not just one. You get sick and the symptoms are concurrent.  
Yes they should emphasize with diseases like ebola is the symptoms are a group of symptoms not just one. Weakness on it's own is common.
Hard to say but the symptoms that are listed, other than unexplained bleeding, are also generic. When the panic was at it's highest the similarity of ebola symptoms to flu symptoms was being discussed.
Yeah in Africa I assume the bans are in place to prevent travel between African countries more than anything.
I don't see paranoid as much as a huge list of countries 2nd and 3rd world countries ill equipped to manage any kind of outbreak. I assume that is a big factor in why.
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