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Ok. Just extended. Money sent. Thanks guys
1943 steel penny. It will stick to the magnetic clip deely-bob that clips on hat or comes as part of some caps. Good conversation piece.
Agreed. And to clarify, "bring your checkbook" is quite true. Most who visit buy a house that same week. Sales force is totally no pressure as place sells itself.
Check out thevillages.com and golfthevillages.com I have played 15 straight days of golf until the rain today. Drove my golf cart to every round.
Thanks. That's what I was looking for. I looked all over the site and never did find it. Thanks again.
The Cure putter advertises a user adjustable lie. A look at the putter shows that it in fact is moveable and can in fact become left handed. I see set screws in the bottom but removal is not enough to allow movement. I am trying to find if their is something else that needs to be done or am I just not being forceful enough.
Does anyone have the instructions on how to change the lie angle on a Cure putter Rx1?
Pros: soft feeling low spinning ball reasonably priced Cons: nothing really I was given a dozen of these balls to play and test out.. I have played these for over 6-7 rounds now and have shot some good scores for me  (Mid-70-s).  As such, I kept the same ball for a few days.  I saw no degradation of the ball or performance.  And.. being a generous type, I passed out balls to my regular partners and asked them what they thought. I would not tell them what level ball...
I am crazy as shit.
Looks like Natalie was in top money winners category. http://www.lpga.com/~/media/96c266549af74d57911e100c9660b1e0/2014%20lpga%20priority%20list%207%2021%202014.pdf
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