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I plan on trying the Arcoos system. They will give you $100 off I you send them your GG unit (I have 2 as one went in the drink with me but that's another story). I prefer a laser over a watch based GPS for two reasons. First, the laser distance is the actual distance and 2) none of the watches come with bands that are large enough for my wrists. I have found that the lasering not only is a calming part of my routine but it focuses me on the target, not my wrist. (Not...
URL: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cliffj Username : Cliffj No stats on driver as I am switching back and forth. Here is one round with Titleist 915
They are actually Black Widow grips.
Mizuno JPX 850 driver and 3 wood
The Virtual Certainty part of 26-1. There are enough courses with water that is blind from the point of view of the golfer that this rule comes into play a lot.
Two. One in 1976 at Brandywine Bay near Morehead City, NC and one last year at Lake Nona.
Easy solution. Get out your sharpie. Put a big round mark on back of ball. After you hit your tee shot you will see the mark on club face. All legal, no questions asked. (The quicker you wipe off the face after hit the easier it is to get it off )
I bought one a few weeks back. First thing I had to do was do what needed to do months ago...upgrade my computer away from XP. It did not take long to get used to it. The mobile app is fairly good although there are times I have trouble finding the screens I was looking for. Online editing has been easy. The biggest complaint I have is the outdated list of standard clubs to pick from in their drop down menus in the initial setup stages. They are still working on how to...
I know I am late to the dance but let me know if you set up another after May 1. I have signed up for a lot of VSGA one day events and am always amenable to playing at Laurel Hills in Lorton, VA.
Reed -7 Speith -7 Dufner-7
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