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Pros: soft feeling low spinning ball reasonably priced Cons: nothing really I was given a dozen of these balls to play and test out.. I have played these for over 6-7 rounds now and have shot some good scores for me  (Mid-70-s).  As such, I kept the same ball for a few days.  I saw no degradation of the ball or performance.  And.. being a generous type, I passed out balls to my regular partners and asked them what they thought. I would not tell them what level ball...
I am crazy as shit.
Looks like Natalie was in top money winners category. http://www.lpga.com/~/media/96c266549af74d57911e100c9660b1e0/2014%20lpga%20priority%20list%207%2021%202014.pdf
My guess is Paige got an injury pass from the last time she was exempt. Now that she has had her surgery she probably has 2015 to requalify or it will be back to Q school for her. I have looked for list of already exempt players and why but have not found it. When I do I will post
Am I the only one who would like to see the Tour experiment with allowing caddies to use range finders, etc for a tournament to see if it would speed things up. I think with all the walking off of distances etc they get within a yard anyway. Why not allow them to get the distance quickly and get on with it. I don't see that any advantage would be gained by the range finder user.
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I plan on trying the Arcoos system. They will give you $100 off I you send them your GG unit (I have 2 as one went in the drink with me but that's another story). I prefer a laser over a watch based GPS for two reasons. First, the laser distance is the actual distance and 2) none of the watches come with bands that are large enough for my wrists. I have found that the lasering not only is a calming part of my routine but it focuses me on the target, not my wrist. (Not...
URL: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cliffj Username : Cliffj No stats on driver as I am switching back and forth. Here is one round with Titleist 915
They are actually Black Widow grips.
Mizuno JPX 850 driver and 3 wood
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