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Thanks for moving my post over to this thread. It clears it up completely. Now I can focus on my swing. (when is 5SK DVD coming out?)
Congrats. Now that you have broken through you know you can do it and will surely do it frequently this summer. Hang with it and you will see 80's before you cn imagine.
When looking at my swing in slo-mo I was surprised to see how much flex there was in the shaft and more importantly the direction of the flex. I have been told this is normal but I am not sure. Can the pros here tell me what they are seeing.?
Ok. Just bought tapatalk for iPad. Will figure it out.
How do I insert a photo into my post.? The photo resides on my ipad3 (from where I access the site). I am looking to include a snap from v1 to ask a question about my shaft fled.
Luke Donald -4 Rory McIlroy -3 Lee Westwood -3
I have used Ebay and PayPal quite a bit and never had a problem.  In fact, TaylorMade has a list out there that shows their authorized sellers on Ebay.  I have personally used one of them (golfseller) to buy many things, mostly mizuno over the years.  http://taylormadegolf.com/customerService-faqs/customerService-faqs,default,pg.html#ebay
I agree.. I was just looking for confirmation.. this happened in fourball match this weekend when partner had read line and with flagstick pointed quite a ways away from line of putt and in doing so the stick slipped a bit and touched the green.  The opponents said the line had been touched and that as that was the line we intended to putt along (initially) that is was a penalty...  We put the hole in abeyance until later and as it turned out it was a non issue at the...
@the_sand_trap Rocketballz driver and I are singing the same tune... long and straight.. ‪#driverlove   https://twitter.com/cliffj12/status/209444054709178369
I know you can MAY not touch the line of your putt.  I also know you probably SHOULD not touch anything close to the line of the putt. but...Is is mentioned anywhere in the rules or decisions about the how stringent this is to be interpreted.  To illustrate (using a diagram I stole from something demonstrating an Aimpoint point... If I or my caddy were to touch the line going off to the right once it passed the line of the putt, would that be permissable.  Could my caddy...
New Posts  All Forums: