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Thanks...it was relatively easy
While being neither "up" nor "down" on this, there is a certain "charm" to it "all", albeit "strange". (I know I am scraping "bottom" on this....)
Has anyone gotten their DVD yet? I was wondering how long I should expect men to show up? (ordered it day I think..12 or 13 days ago)
Whenever I have a match I pray that I draw someone who has not taken the Aimpoint course. When practicing with my knitting needles, levels, and swinkey...I just let folks think I am nuts .. I also use some talcum powder to make some lines to work to point to point putts. Then I attribute my triple breaking made putts to a "lucky guess" to my opponents/playing companions. So, bottom line..if you are a skeptic..remain so and bring your wallet.. Remember.. All putts break...
The God particle lives...in a manner of speaking
I have always putted with head cover in my back pocket (except for the time I used the futura putter). Not sure why I started doing that but have done it for over 25 years now.
If you want to get a quizzical look from a golfer who wears their sunglasses upside down behind their head, ask them why... The answer, of course, is that the professionals do it . (and they do it so that their sponsor's logos will show up unobstructed on tv, etc) This got me to wonder if there are other counter-intuitive things that are done just because the pros do it.. (excluding slow play)
Aimpoint charts, disposable camera to take picture of my HIO (or one by a playing partner) (remains from the days before every cell phone having a built in camera ), epi-pen, Advil, sunscreen, etc.
Already ordered...
I did.. However, I just found the "clear cache" function and that seems to have solve the problem. FYI...I am using an iPad 3.
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