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Am I the only person having problems getting into the site via tapatalk (for the past 15 or so hours)?
The real key is the distance your wrists are from the ground. A 5 foot 9 person with short arms might need extended clubs while a tall person with longer arms can use standard clubs.
I am 6 foot 7. Clubs are +3 and 3 degrees upright. The main reason for the lengthening is due to the relative shortness of my arms. (hence my short basketball career)
Laurel Hill in Lorton, Virginia is a great public course. The USGA U.S. amateur public links championship 2013 will be held there. It is rarely crowded and all the course you can handle...
Check out Primland in Virginia
I like to remark my ball on the tee with a red dot. That way I can check where in the club face I make contact. This also applies on par 3s. At times I will take a sharpie to the range and mark each range ball soni can check my irons
Golden Bear at Keenes Point and Celebration,
What would be most helpful to many golfers would be an "equivalency" chart showing which fw's are equivalent to which hybrid's and are equivalent to which irons. I overhear the discussion many times when folks are trying to decide what to replace their 3, 4, 5 irons with. Most already have a 3 wood and possibly 5 wood or a hybrid. Unless you already own everything and can chart our your distances, it can be a daunting challenge to pick the right mix and not end up with...
Xxl por favor
Yes..strokes are gained... The main thing is practice and trust the reading. If you are consistently missing putts during practice, isolate the problem...your speed, your read or...? When I first started my inclination was to have a slight tendency to putt towards hole rather than the spot. (trust issue). Old habits are hard to break. It helps if you can identify them so you can work specifically on them.
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