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Dan. Go to Golftec or someplace similar and get fit. It all depends on your stance, posture, and most importantly the distance of your wrists to the floor (standard way they measure). Many tall folks with long arms can use standard clubs or ones just slightly over. Take the time and get it right the first time. Do not let a non professional fit you.
37 inch Edel
Are they using Shotlink at this tournament? They should have detailed records of the yardages for both shots
What about rule 6-7. (2 stroke penalty for slow play. No mention of just one stroke) Also. Perhaps fault lies with all the other officials who don't enforce the rules. Perhaps euros actually care about slow play. Prediction. A slew of penalties in next month or two.
Mine were in the mail box today when I went and checked.  Thanks for making this available to us.  Is there a video out there that show the process of using the tool to install?  It would appear fool-proof but I have time and time again made a mockery of that term. Thanks again..
Roger Maltbie during rain delay
Does anyone make golf balls anymore like the old Pings that were half one color and the other half another? I think i would like to get some to practice putting as it is very easy to see if you are the least bit off on your stroke.
The new Mizuno ball once the send me a dozen. ( hint hint). Bag is actually an orphanage for adopted balls I try out.
Kindle availability date?
6'7" here. My clubs are +2 and 3 degrees upright. However, the extra length is mostly due to the fact that I have short arms proportionately. I have played with other folks in the same range who have clubs that are standard or in one case, shortened. A lot has to do with arm length. Find a good fitter and get a set built for you. As for shafts, there are a lot of good ones out there. Nippon Steel makes some good lightweight shafts. Research your area and find best...
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