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I just saw a poor guys ball shred the hole, disappear in the hole and then climb back out and sit inches away.  He was heartbroken as he has yet to have a HIO.  He was so shaken that another guy in the group who had put his ball about 9 inches away missed his birdie putt and made an invective birthing par..  Hard not to laugh at that point 
I have played the 9.5 Tour Version with a regular flex shaft for the past 3 rounds and can reliably say that I have not ever hit any driver further.. It did take a while to get used to the impact sound which is quite dull and "thuddy" sounding to me.  Kind of reminds me of the Yonex drivers of old.  But when looking at the results, I can certainly get used to the sound very very quickly..
With all the different adjustable drivers our there, are all the wrenches the same (universal) or are each one just different enough to require a seperate one for each manufacturer? i.e. if I am range and want to adjust my Callaway, could I use the one the Nike guy has? Anyone know which ones are identical and which aren't etc. thanks
Here is one I picked up at the merchandise show last month. It works like a dream and does no damage. I highly recommend.
Ignore previous. I did not read full posting. (I thought the question was dealing with what kind of club it was. Peril of reading in car on smartphone (not while driving))
Isn't that a Founders Club logo ?
Thanks Mandy..
Great. Count me in
Where I play quite a few folks have their names on their bags. Two reasons are often cited. 1). No one is really interested in stealing a bag that is personalized. 2). A lot of folks are only there for the season. It makes it easier for folks you are meeting for the first time to remember your name. Of course, if go the full staff bag route, you had better be a pretty good player :) ⛳
There's a book?
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