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I have one and liking it so far. Mine is a medium and I have to resist the urge to overbend it but I think that is a good thing. It makes me relax and stretch, two things I need.
Basically a bagful of Piranha Clubs (V*Blades) Also
http://thesandtrap.com/t/57694/member-review-roll-call#post_707911 If needed, I stand available. I will be up north for next month.
Ignore..issue solved.. I would delete if I could
Great news. I have 5 shafts I want to try out...
Chuck Evans and Catrin Nilsmark...today....!!!
At times the flat sided grip gives comfort that you are aligned correctly and validates your eyes. Not having that sometimes leads me to questioning my setup. Mind you, it is me, not the putter...but in the end it affects the the end result at times. It is the thinking too much effect...
I have an edel and at times convince myself that I miss putts by having the round grip. I then start worrying about being square and am not sure what to do to ensure that I am. I just received a Star putter tool and will take it out at first light and see if that does the trick. Any thoughts (about the round grip)?
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