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Where I play quite a few folks have their names on their bags. Two reasons are often cited. 1). No one is really interested in stealing a bag that is personalized. 2). A lot of folks are only there for the season. It makes it easier for folks you are meeting for the first time to remember your name. Of course, if go the full staff bag route, you had better be a pretty good player :) ⛳
There's a book?
My wife asked me to enter this as she thinks I will look stunning in this.. :)
I have one and liking it so far. Mine is a medium and I have to resist the urge to overbend it but I think that is a good thing. It makes me relax and stretch, two things I need.
Basically a bagful of Piranha Clubs (V*Blades) Also
http://thesandtrap.com/t/57694/member-review-roll-call#post_707911 If needed, I stand available. I will be up north for next month.
Ignore..issue solved.. I would delete if I could
Great news. I have 5 shafts I want to try out...
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