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I have an edel and at times convince myself that I miss putts by having the round grip. I then start worrying about being square and am not sure what to do to ensure that I am. I just received a Star putter tool and will take it out at first light and see if that does the trick. Any thoughts (about the round grip)?
Where were these guys when the groove rule changed? (Except Keegan who was probably in diapers whining for food)...
By some True Linkswear shoes and yours"tall shoe" issue will disappear..
I have the V* blades and love them... Check them out... A really nice soft feeling club situated between a pure blade and a cavity back club...
Has any noticed which company sponsors his girlfriend? I wonder how much this played into the deal... A package deal?
After 30 plus years , hypnosis is what finally got me off of cigarettes. It has been 7 years now. I have no trouble paying $500 for my edel putter when I consider it is only 10 cartons of cigarettes. :)
I have changed my specs a tad... I now only extend them 2 inches .(6 iron is 40 inches) My lies are are as follows: 3 iron  64 4 iron  63.5 5 iron  63.5 6 iron  64 7 iron  64.5 8 iron  65 9 iron  65 pw      65 Shafts are NS 850s
http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/h093/tee-times.html See 10th tee starting times for players I announced (except for Garrett Willis who withdrew)
I got the job as a marshal by through my club. Tournaments rely heavily on volunteers. For marshals they usually get 18 clubs in the area to take a hole each. The host course usually gets the 18th hole and sometimes the 1st hole also. Having said that, they are always looking for volunteers for everything, including driving courtesy cars, handling the driving range, etc . How to get on board.. Call the venue and ask for the volunteer contact. There is usually a...
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