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Mostly goofing around until go time. Then it became "trust your swing" , "Finish through the ball", etc. most talk was about previous nights football results . Mind you these were the back half of the field. (But who had made the cut nonetheless).One interesting discussion by player.. He recently bought a "square" so he can accept credit cards on his smartphone from folks who claim to have forgotten their wallets and will pay off golf wagers later. Apparently this...
I was to be the hole captain of the 10th hole at the web.com tournament this past weekend, Sunday was forecast to be cold and rainy so they went to starting on both tees with threesomes. Shortly before the event started a tour official approached me and asked if I would run the tee. I agreed. N I had to hand out scorecards, local rules for the day (preferred lies in closely mown areas), introduce walking scorers. In one case I had to call in a missing player (turns out...
I have worked quite a few tournaments. I have seen Johnny Miller driver out to the last 2-3 holes early on before the players get there and hit many (30?) putts from various angles and lengths so that he has a feel for those holes. Like him or hate him, he does appear to do his own homework.
Read the book Wheat Belly..
Anyone notice the guys with lime green bibs emblazoned with "Mobile Device Policy Enforcement" at the Ryder Cup. Bib also had the PGA logo. I think it is great. Any disgreements?
I was a one a month putter purchaser. Once I got my Edel putter that stopped. I have gone over a year now without a putter purchase. If I buy another it will be the Edel long putter (DiVecinzo?). My wife estimated I bought 6-8 putters a year (and those were only the ones she knew about
Golfclubspec.com was just what I was looking for/ talking about. Thanks. Updating it would be just the thing.
Some of the manufacturers start taking stuff off as soon as they have something new.  For example. Now that Mizuno has the JPX-825 Pro out the specs for the JPX-800 Pro are no longer there..  While many of us know that they are the same, some folks might not.  I have access to a loft measuring/bending device (not sure what its name is ) but most folks do not.   I have a small spreadsheet with lofts of the clubs I own on it but think it would be an interesting...
I believe it would be a really nice service if there were one spot on this site where we could all go to compare specs on clubs across the board.  For example, on irons, what are the factory specs for Titlest AP2's , Mizuno MP-59s, etc. etc   A nice layout where one could see all the clubs that have the same set up (ie. 8 irons with a loft or 38 degrees, 7 irons of 34, etc).  This would get tricky as some manufacturers change their stepping as they go down the line.  I...
Just remember when trying out all the different clubs to check lofts.  AP2 8irons are 39 degrees, MP-59's are 38..   JPX800Pros are 37,  Piranha V*s are 40.  Point being.. You may think you are hitting something a lot further and may indeed be.. but make sure you are comparing apples to apples.   As to the topic at hand.. Nothing feels like a Mizuno (except for a Piranha which is even softer and better feeling imho)
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