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Just remember when trying out all the different clubs to check lofts.  AP2 8irons are 39 degrees, MP-59's are 38..   JPX800Pros are 37,  Piranha V*s are 40.  Point being.. You may think you are hitting something a lot further and may indeed be.. but make sure you are comparing apples to apples.   As to the topic at hand.. Nothing feels like a Mizuno (except for a Piranha which is even softer and better feeling imho)
I have a set of Mizuno MP-59s and and set of JPX800Pros ((as well as a set of MP-32s I have never been able to part with). Just tried a set of Pirahna V blades and they will now become the my first non-Mizuno set. They are soo sweet and easy to hit. (note: I did have to bend them, they are quite flat compared to American standard club sets. )
Best money I have ever spent on golf equipment was for my Edel putter.
If by "the tees are up" you mean blue vs black etc, the handicap index conversion chart should take of the change of tees. Usually the issue is one I face which is the opposite of what you face. I play better in tournaments for one simple reason.. I focus and concentrate.. Nothing more than that..no hcp manipulation, no sandbagging , nada. During tournaments I focus, take practice swings, line up putts, consult my aimpoint charts, do not experiment, etc. This is...
I have inquiries out to ping rep and have demo day upcoming. Will check them. Of course , if I get some sub rosa I will not be be able to report that info.
Read the book Wheat Belly by Dr. Davis. This should help with the nutrition side of your regimen.
Does anyone think there is a chance that Ping will sell the shaft cap that goes into their Anser driver separately so that those of us with lots of extra shafts can experiment? I would love to put them on about 5-6 of my shafts and take the driver out to the range and have my own demo day...
I am still waiting for someone to fess up to still using a John Daly 0 (zero) iron....
In looking at David's iron on page 40 of the July 13, 2012 Golfweek, I did not recognize the logo on his 7 iron. I looked on the web and see that he has a deal with Scratch Golf but unless this is a new logo for them, I have no clue. It almost looks to be a skull and crossbones .. None know?
Thanks...it was relatively easy
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