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if you love it and it was $89, then it was a great buy!
Dustin Johnson -4 Sergio Garcia -3 John Daly -3
which model?
are you for real?
Bridgestone e5 are a pretty good ball when it comes to spin on a budget
I've always had good luck with tgw.com.  3balls.com is pretty fair too if you're looking for used clubs
I'm really interested in the same type of set, I think you'd have to hit each to see what kind of yardage gap you have when splitting the set, and which of the mp59 you can still hit accurately
3balls.com has the non tour version in the black pearl finish for $334 at 'very good' condition.  Sounds like a good deal from your friend
'Sticking it every time' would be a lot easier with the right club
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