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Hmmm - I have lots of relatives, but dont think any of the above share the Sweet Greggo DNA
I recently changed from a TM R5 10.5* driver to a TM Burner 9.5* TP driver (TP = clubface 1* open). With my R5 I traditionally played a high fade (not by choice) and a good one went about 270 yds. With the Burner I hit the ball much straighter and a good one goes 300+. I am amazed at the difference. Question: Why would a club with a more open face result in less high fades that i historically used to play? I would think it would be the other way around.
Very true - many forget that there are no pictures on the scorecard.
Very good
I'll start - Course: River Place CC; Austin, TX Hole: #6; 141 yds Club: 9 iron When: Spring 2005 Bar tab that evening: $200 plus
Interesting topic. right front - divot fixer, quarter for a ball mark, and chapstick left front - nothing back left - nothing back right - nothing i dont like to be weighed down
I have both the TM 16* and 19* hybrids in the bag. I dont carry a proper three word because I hit the 16* 215ish off the deck and 230ish off a tee. I am tempted to put a strong three wood in the bag to satisfy my ego on par 5's, but have resisted thus far I would definately recommend the TM rescue line. They have helped my game tremendously.
84 with 5 0r 6 three putts. first time playing a round with my new TM R7 irons. the things are sweet!
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