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Please post any good deals you find, golf related or not.
I have a really jacked up degenerative disc, mentioned golfing to my chiropractor today and you should have seen the look, followed by "I don't want you doing shit right now, not even stretching!" I had my second session of traction today, and in 2 weeks will hopefully be able to start some core strengthening exercises. I guess I just need to accept that this season is over, despite the warmish weather. :(
3 wood from there = WAY more game than me! Haha
Weather is nice enough today that I could get out if my back wasn't jacked. Healing slowly, but probably not worth risking it.
I traded Charles Clay early in the year for ODB when he was still hurt! I need to get into the TST league next year, just a busy time of year for me is the only problem, hard to be available for another draft.
Almond Snickers
If you're a sports fan, the bleacher report app is pretty great.
Just got a set of Nippon 105t pulls.
So Division 1 is the biggest?
Nice, is division 5 big or small in Ohio?
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