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Another birthday party in the books, and only a couple toys got destroyed.
7/10 No strong feelings either way for Cal, but I did like Jason Kidd when he was there, so a couple extra for that.
Bought one and will be sending it to Tom. Hopefully it is something he can use.
I don't actually have one to check any more. Was thinking about getting one to have Tom Slighter customize. Guess I'll just buy one and hope for the best since they're fairly cheap.
Thanks, Hack! That sounds like a confident answer? Only ask because that's the third different answer I've got.
Anybody know what finish this putter has? I've seen both polished stainless and chrome listed, but don't know which is accurate.
 I've used the gun + inflator tip to blow on about 10 different types of grips, and it's worked fine on all of them other than a super stroke. I went back to tape and solvent though because they were slipping. Got a set of pures the other day though, so will probably give it another go.
Kind of feel bad about the snow melting now with everything flooding. :( Fortunately my house is on a hill, lots of others not so lucky though.
I never win anything, woohoo! Thanks
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