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We have a legit chance to win it all. Only one top team in the state I haven't seen on tape yet, and the ones I've seen we can beat if we play well.
54-7 tonight, another 1/2 game for the starters.Onto the playoffs!
I'd recommend looking for some used clubs. Old G series ping irons (g10 or g15 maybe, not sure on prices) would be a good place to start.
Cut from the butt end (where the grip goes) after the shaft is installed. Leave 1/8" for the grip for your desired length.
You'll want a shaft puller and heat gun for graphite. Steel, anything that gets it got enough for the epoxy to break down will work.
Steel shafts?
I'm jacked for the Deadpool one too.
Playing tomorrow and Friday, supposed to be in the 50s, so not bad.
Can't wait!
That reminded me of one, glove always goes in my back left pocket. I have a pair of shorts I really like, but won't wear because they have no left pocket.
New Posts  All Forums: