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Being a user, it goes both ways.
 Well, he can't get much worse...  Agreed, there was a terrible one in the Steelers game too.  While I tend to agree, the last time it happened the team with the losing record wont their first game.
Bengals players doing his stupid money sign thing never gets old, haha.
@Abu3baid :wave:
I Am Constantly 'Aving Syphilis
The '64 and '26 are their premium lines. The X000s are cheaper, but still great cigars, especially for the money. Those would be the closest thing to a "go-to" for me.
This thread makes me think of this.
I've got one off those. They're pretty nice, far cry from your typical range mat.
I hate autocorrect. It's supposed to say what, not weekday.
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