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Almond Snickers
If you're a sports fan, the bleacher report app is pretty great.
Just got a set of Nippon 105t pulls.
So Division 1 is the biggest?
Nice, is division 5 big or small in Ohio?
We won 46-14. Onto the state championship this Friday!
Semi-finals in t-minus 4 hours. Headed out to pre-game breakfast with my son shortly. Go Bulldogs!
Have a Nike VRS 24 degree hybrid on the way. Trying to snipe some 1150s for my irons now.
I don't have any experience with either, so I'm open to suggestions/thoughs.
I've already gone that route, that's how I know about the herniated disc. Wasn't impressed at all, and unfortunately he's the only back specialist here. I've always been very anti-chiropractor, but I'm desperate at this point.
New Posts  All Forums: