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They have a Mizuno one on eBay all the time. Not sure if it's big enough to fit a driver though, I haven't ever looked to see if they have the dimensions listed.
Don't think it has anything to do with technology, but I hit it significantly shorter than I did when I started 7ish years ago. Much straighter and more consistent though.
I guess that's true, haha. Also promising I guess that I'm not folding like a tent after the rough starts.
Lions didn't miss a FG!
50/39 today. This shit is getting old, fast!
I think he'll be better too
Eff Notre Dame
 FTFY, errr, FTFM.
Indiana looks respectable, but those helmets are terrible.
If we're counting woulda and shouldas, take away his lone TD because he stepped out of bounds.
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