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Lifted weights for 30 minutes or so. Mostly back and bi's. Follow that up with a 20 minute run.
I shoot 106 at Silverhorn in San Antonio. Not great, but the first round of golf in months. The rough was so thick it was difficult to chip around the greens. The greens were very firm. Very tough conditions as a whole. Aside from a few bad mistakes, I feel I played OK. I think I should have been around 95 the way I was playing, but there were so many bad putts or bad bounces that pushed my ball OB.
Just a nice 280 yard drive down a tight fairway and onto the fairway. When I put myself in a nice position off the box, good things follow. I hit my next shot on the green and easy 2 putted for the par. That drive felt really good.
Hard to follow what is going on while at work. The live stream barely plays right now.. Tiger had trouble getting out of the bunker on the final hole. Watching iron shots for tee shots is boring. It is not what a major should be.
Tiger Woods -3 Jason Day -3
165 yard par 3, 7 iron to 3 feet. Always happy with any chance of a birdie on a 3. Unfortunately my friend trampled the area around the hole. I tried to clean it up but the ball moved as soon as it hit the area. Tap in par which should have been a birdie.
175 yard par 3, into the wind. Hit a nice shot that was going for the flag. A couple of hops, and a nice roll up to the flag. Not sure how it happened, but the ball ended up about a foot behind the flag. Can I be disappointed that it was not my first ace?
Lose the putter and his caddie and I would be a fan. I like the way he plays.
Not sure I can pick just one. So here is my best drive, approach, and putt.   A 330 yard par 4 at La Cantara (San Antonio). Wind was helping, but I swung out of my feet. Hit a nice fade and rolled up on the green and stayed there.   After a drive that landed in a heavy tree area well below the fairway and greens, I hit a PW from 125 yards away, I missed all trees and got it on the green. It rolled up and hit the pin. Tap in for birdie.   Best putt, has to go...
I spent the weekend volunteering doing shot link. What a great view of the tournament. Sunday afternoon I got into a luxury box area right next to the pin. Front row view of some very exciting shots into the 18th green. That place was crazy. A ton of fans out there really cheering on their favorites. When Furyk made that eagle on the 18th that place was all roars during his 100 yard walk up to the green. It was a fun weekend. And it was nice to see the tourney from a...
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