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After two months play I am sold on the Callaway Supersoft.
I think you are going to like the new SuperSoft from Callaway folks. At $20 a dozen these guys rock. Lowest compression ball out there built for old guys like me with a 90 mph swing speed. They give extra distance off the tee and irons too and they have a nice soft feel around the greens. Real soft feel off the putter. The only shortcoming I can discern from the ProV1 is that they don't check quite the same meaning it will take a little getting used to chipping distance...
My finest moment was on the par 3 bordering the road at Sudden Valley GC, Bellingham, WA. I pulled my 8-iron shot onto the road. It is bouncing towards a driveway to a fancy house just as a Jaguar convertible comes up the road. The ball bounces down the driveway, the garage door goes up via remote, ball goes in the garage, Jaguar goes in the garage. The door closes. Bye bye ball; bye bye Jaguar. The three other guys in my foursome just about pooped themselves laughing...
The thought of turning over our greatest game to every yo-yo with a cellphone appalls me. It is on the honor of the player (and the game's rule officials) to know, abide by and call infractions upon themselves. Everyone else...butt out!
We all have days like your original post. Days when your front nine plays like a champ and your back nine plays like a chump. I know, I shot a 78 last week and a 92 this week. How the heck does that happen? If I can start well I can usually carry it all day. However some days it is easier to stay focused for the entire round. I play best when I can carry a confident easy feeling knowing that I will hit the fairway, knock the approach on or close to the green, chip up and...
My home course (a semi-private golf club) in Canada is 7,000 yards long. The members' expectation is for everyone to play a four hour round and for the most part it is adhered to despite being situated on a hillside. The only time the pace of play gets to four and a half hours are later on Saturdays and Sundays when more green fee players are on the course. Weekends we have a marshall assist with keeping folks on time.   The interesting factor is, when compared to...
Guys...give it a rest. You are splitting hairs. The topic is about banning anchoring not giving a historical review on the evolution of golf equipment. 
POOP! I love my broomhandle. Never mind I will find a way.
I met Ken Venturi in Palm Desert at the College of the Desert golf range and practice area. He was most generous with this time...a real gentleman. He taught me how to chip from thick greenside grass. I still use the shot today. Thanks for the memories Ken.
I guess we'll get the answer on Tuesday folks. I'm looking forward to see how it all shakes out.    
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