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So...... the advertising expense only makes sense if Tigers celebrity influence is successful in selling the products to his fans. How did you divorce yourself from that part of the equation? I'm no Tiger hater....he is an impressive human being period. I would only wish for him to make better choices ( any celebrity or person of influence for that matter) as to where to use his influence.Putting his name on the side of a "Can o Crap" seems like a poor choice to me. ymmv..
 This^^ Supplements...we humans are always looking for a short cut. Eat whole foods and back away from the American crap diet and you won't need any "supplements" because they are already in your food.. Just another way to make a quick buck. If I was Tiger at this point in my career I would be less concerned about making a quick buck on the backs of my fans and more about aligning myself with quality people, organizations and overall message.
Got my copy today..... Looking forward to improved scores. At a glance it looks to have some good advice.   regards,   Mike
If you are taliking about their Street Premier shoes.... I have worn a pair on and off the golf course for 2 years now with no real noticable wear to the rubber turf soles. The rubber sole seems to be very tough. Very comfortable and trendy shoe. I love that you can wear from home to GC with out having to change....    
  I'm curious as to why it is in the bag then?
That is certainly correct...no more evolved. I think you missed my original point. I support your right and choice to own and carry firearms. To try and protect you and yours in this somewhat barbaric society we live in. I still own many guns and have carried them in the past. I just don't choose to do so presently. That's all that was being said in the original post. No right or wrong choice but a choice all the same.
It has everything to do with it... The statement was not centered around you as an individual but human race as a whole. Unfortunately we all can't base our choice on how evolved YOU are. Make them "evolve"?? Not sure where you are going with that??   No my choice is not based on evolving...it's just my choice. Period. You can choose to defend yourself and your family and I applaud your choice. But you kid yourself if you think you know how an action you take in a moment...
  Since there is no right or wrong answer this works^^  It's a personal choice. It's a shame we are not more evolved but we're not... so you make a choice. I was born and raised in TX....for most there they are just a part of life. Not good nor bad, just guns. I know a lot of solid citizens who own and or carry...again it's a choice.   I stopped carrying because I would rather be dead than in jail for life. Just because you say it is personal protection does not mean a...
I'm interested in the bag...
Love my Ecco's and even removed the soft spikes from a pair of Footjoys. The sole was covered in a lot of other traction bits and I saw no reason for the soft spikes... no issues, play great.   I like being able to leave the house in the shoes I'm going to play in... just less fuss, like to keep it simple. YMMV
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