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Hello. This is his dad. He killed him self the 29th. after we got home. He had a scholarship and everything. He was going to play for Western texas cc ranked 7th in the nation. He did not play for 5 months. Told me everything you guys were saying and told him we would talk about it in the morning. and saw him with a belt around his neck hanging from the ceiling. Hope you guys are happy you *******s. You killed my son.
Yes I am sent in my stuff today.
You didn't read the paragraph well enough. I said I will become good enough. 
Guys, I am so done trying to prove myself to all you guys. There is only one thing I will do and that is golf. Stop telling me I am not going to make it or I'm just some insane kid who doesn't know what reality is. I've lived on the streets, I've been abused by my mother. I felt useless, nothing, just a void in life. When I picked up that golf club and hit my first ball and saw it soar through the air I felt a purpose in my life. I want to be that inspiration in a kids...
I'm not saying I'm good enough to be pro. I'm saying I will become good enough to become pro and take that chance. Monday Qualifiers cost 500 bucks. I have no money and I am not near good enough yet. But I will be. Also It's not cockiness, it's self believe, tenacity, passion, hard work, and sacrifice. Also Basically every tour pro knew they wanted to become a tour pro. Every Tour pro I have talked to knew that's what they wanted to do. So golfconnect, thanks for the...
So last  week I was invited to play in this Prestigious High School tournament and I'm going to be playing the Legacy Club and Resort in Phoenix AZ does anyone have any tips on to play that course? I was basically thinking to hit 3 wood off all the par 4's since there is sand everywhere.
That I do, 6 months ago I was getting fitted for a driver at golf galaxy in Boise, it showed 115 as well then to get a second evaluation and went to this place called divotz in Boise 115 there then for a for a 3rd and final evaluation, another place in Boise called World of Golf, 115 there as well. So I don't know if its off or not, just Know that it averaged about the same.
I have a slower tempo  and he has a slight faster one, but it usually just comes down to what you do when you come down on the downswing and lag, I have a good amount of that to give me the somewhat long ball..
No I don't We had a bridgestone ball fitting the 23rd and my average was 115 mph.
I am worried about beating or losing what so ever, I am saying I'll play with anyone on here.
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