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Yes, Aimpoint is physics / maths. The real issue I'd have is that I don't play golf courses that have uniformly inclined greens. They are all compound gradient surfaces. If putting were like the Aimpoint charts it would be dead easy.
Aimpoint and Delta set those methods up as a focal point, a piece of physics, to selling a putting methodology. The trouble with selling a methodolgy is you can start contradicting yourself if you haven't done all the background work. We've all seen presenters crash and burn when faced with questions from an expert in the field - its all about the prep, not the flash stuff. Whether you agree with Geoff knocking Aimpoint or Delta really doesn't matter. Personally I...
In reality the price of a good putter is way more than this video. The point is, the guys at Secret in the Dirt know how to price stuff like videos and if you know about Geoff's teachings, you'll know this is a no brainer - at least he has Elk to keep him focused. Much as I love Geoff's videos on YouTube, he does go off on one and gives you ten minutes where two should have done. Geoff is obsessional about putting and probably knows more than anyone else - but he's...
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