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My uncle hits a 2 iron. Of course, he's also VERY good, drives it a mile, and has a fast swing speed which allows him to do so. Me? I can't even hit a 4 iron well ;)
I don't think that's nearly enough loft for a 5 hybrid. 22 degrees is the loft of my 4 hybrid I believe. Going by your current lofts, try looking for maybe like a 25 degree club for your 5 hybrid.
Awesome, thanks! I'll be sure to keep up with that
Hello everybody! I'd like to jump in on this thread as I'm from western Massachusetts in the Berkshires
Mine are standard lace ups, and I'm with you...they're the most comfortable golf shoe I have owned
I'd like to get my 6 (or 7 or something haha) cousin out on the course.
It's really hard to argue with Ernie Els if you ask me
I would really recommend the Winn Drytac grips. They honestly feel like a dream.
Last year my feet were absolutely killing me when I played golf so I replaced my LiteJoys (or whatever, I don't think that's the name) with the Contour series which is FootJoy's comfort shoe. On top of that I also bought some orthodics which I can comfortably slip ontop of the liner that was already there. It was tight at first, but once the shoe broke in I have no problems whatsoever and they fit me perfectly.
If you really like the clubs themselves (and considering that they aren't that old), I wouldn't go out and buy new ones. I would stick with your current irons and do the reshafting, regripping, and modifications. No sense in buying a whole new set when they aren't even that old.
New Posts  All Forums: