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Hahaha that's how I felt about the 2 wheeled pull cart that I used to use very seldom
It really depends on the person, their skill level, and what they are looking for out of the game. If it is just your weekend hacker or someone who is out there just for the fun of it, then yes, they should tee it forward. But for someone who plays regularly and who is really trying to become very good, then they shouldn't tee it forward. I voted "maybe", because it depends.
At my home course, the 15th hole is probably the worst Granted, it's pretty straight, but the fact that it's 600 yards makes it tough enough, especially for a relatively short hitter like me. The fairway is lined with trees on both sides (as most are), but the sheer length of it gives you the mentality that you need to kill it off the tee, which usually never ends well for most people. Not only is it long, but the green is a nightmare. Talk about slope. If you miss long,...
Alright guys, I did order myself the Rovic RV3F last night off of Amazon as in the poll, using a push cart is the majority (though slim). We'll see how much I like it! Should get it Wednesday. Last right I was reading reviews of just about every push cart out there so I think it should be a good choice. I'd like to save my back a little bit.
It's an awesome feeling when your irons are spinning! A lot of factors go into it
I walk almost every time I play golf (unless I'm in a league or tournament) and I have no real problem with it. I like to walk. I always carry my bag as well. However, I see a LOT of people who have push carts and I was wondering if it's worth getting one. The only push cart I've used before was a crappy one from the 90s that I didn't like very much, but I don't think that I should make up my mind off of that.   So, walkers, do you carry your bag or use a push cart?...
My uncle hits a 2 iron. Of course, he's also VERY good, drives it a mile, and has a fast swing speed which allows him to do so. Me? I can't even hit a 4 iron well ;)
I don't think that's nearly enough loft for a 5 hybrid. 22 degrees is the loft of my 4 hybrid I believe. Going by your current lofts, try looking for maybe like a 25 degree club for your 5 hybrid.
Awesome, thanks! I'll be sure to keep up with that
Hello everybody! I'd like to jump in on this thread as I'm from western Massachusetts in the Berkshires
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