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Beware  the golf gods.  Once you think you have it figured out the next round eats you up.  Having said that, I hope you do have it dialed in.
I must not play with any good golfers because I have never heard a driver sound anywhere near as loud as a gun shot and I have heard plenty of those.
Same with the Dick Durbin US Senate one I found.
I have used both a 4-wheel and a 3 wheel cart and the 3-wheel is much easier to push.
I had a similar occurrence.  I hit one in the sand on a 130 yard Par 3 and said "F it" and hit a 2nd one from the tee.  Bounced twice and rolled in.  I call it my Freddy Couples hole in one.
If you don't like them, go in tell them you were fitted for regular but the shop person recommended the Senior flex, you followed his recommendation and it did not work.  They may replace them for you.  I think the local shop I use would do so.  It never hurts to try.
Sorry about that I meant a 3 wheeled cart not a 2 wheeled one.
I have owned a Bag Boy 2 wheeled cart, Bag boy 4 wheeled cart and currently a Sun Mountain 3 wheeled cart.  Both of the 3 wheeled carts are easier to push that the quad.  My Sun Mountain bag is held nice and firm by the bag brackets.
I have used the company and they have always delivered what I ordered, but I have not used their bag.
You can put a pretty large bomb in a golf travel bag.
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