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While I am not long, I am usually straight with my driver.  Late last year I could not make good contact with my driver.  I took my old Tour Edge Exotics, and cut 2 inches off the shaft.  I was making contact and was hitting straight again.  I only lost about 10 yards.  Used it for a few months and went back to my Cobra Amp Cell and am hitting it straight now.
In that case you should just call it Closest to the Hole instead of Long Drive.
Like some, using the word golfing does not sound correct and while I won't say it annoys me, I do not care for that usage.  With one big exception.  When my wife says "Are you golfing this afternoon."  It always means she has nothing planned and does not care if I go play 18 holes.  So on those days I guess I am golfing.  I never correct her, I just say "Yes."
I have owned Bag Boy and Sun Mountain 3 wheeled carts.  Both perform very well. I would still be using the Bagboy except I managed to destroy it by backing over it.  I also had a 4 wheel Bag Boy, which folded us nice and small but was harder to push.  I don't think you can go wrong with the major carts, Bagboy, Sun Mountain and Clicgear.
I've never hit a golf ball without wearing progressive lenses.  Never seemed to bother me, but maybe that is because I wore them for years before ever playing golf. 
I have been using Titleist Velocity and about 6 weeks found a Pinnacle Gold, played with that and shot my best round of the year with it, so started buying them.  I can tell little difference and am now using them regularly.  Of course I normally score in the 90's with 10-15 sub 90 rounds a year.
Beware  the golf gods.  Once you think you have it figured out the next round eats you up.  Having said that, I hope you do have it dialed in.
I must not play with any good golfers because I have never heard a driver sound anywhere near as loud as a gun shot and I have heard plenty of those.
Same with the Dick Durbin US Senate one I found.
I have used both a 4-wheel and a 3 wheel cart and the 3-wheel is much easier to push.
New Posts  All Forums: