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If you don't like them, go in tell them you were fitted for regular but the shop person recommended the Senior flex, you followed his recommendation and it did not work.  They may replace them for you.  I think the local shop I use would do so.  It never hurts to try.
Sorry about that I meant a 3 wheeled cart not a 2 wheeled one.
I have owned a Bag Boy 2 wheeled cart, Bag boy 4 wheeled cart and currently a Sun Mountain 3 wheeled cart.  Both of the 3 wheeled carts are easier to push that the quad.  My Sun Mountain bag is held nice and firm by the bag brackets.
I have used the company and they have always delivered what I ordered, but I have not used their bag.
You can put a pretty large bomb in a golf travel bag.
 My wife has health issues so I keep my phone on so I can hear it.  If I am playing with other than my regular partners, who all know this, I tell my fellow players and I have yet to have anyone who seemed to care about it.
I used to push  a Bag Boy 3 wheel cart, which I replaced with a Bag Boy Quad after I backed over it .  The Quad now resides in my outbuilding gathering dust and I bought a Sun Mountain Speed Cart to replace it.  The Quad pushed much harder than either of my 3 wheel carts.
When I clicked on the link, it went to a thimble collection.
I use it the same way on a push cart and when I ride.
Starting at the back left:  Driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid 2nd Row: 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid 5 iron, 6 iron 3rd Row: 7 iron, 8, iron, 9 iron Pitching Wedge 4th Row: Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge Putter Well;: Putter
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