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Sorry about that I meant a 3 wheeled cart not a 2 wheeled one.
I have owned a Bag Boy 2 wheeled cart, Bag boy 4 wheeled cart and currently a Sun Mountain 3 wheeled cart.  Both of the 3 wheeled carts are easier to push that the quad.  My Sun Mountain bag is held nice and firm by the bag brackets.
I have used the company and they have always delivered what I ordered, but I have not used their bag.
You can put a pretty large bomb in a golf travel bag.
 My wife has health issues so I keep my phone on so I can hear it.  If I am playing with other than my regular partners, who all know this, I tell my fellow players and I have yet to have anyone who seemed to care about it.
I used to push  a Bag Boy 3 wheel cart, which I replaced with a Bag Boy Quad after I backed over it .  The Quad now resides in my outbuilding gathering dust and I bought a Sun Mountain Speed Cart to replace it.  The Quad pushed much harder than either of my 3 wheel carts.
When I clicked on the link, it went to a thimble collection.
I use it the same way on a push cart and when I ride.
Starting at the back left:  Driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid 2nd Row: 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid 5 iron, 6 iron 3rd Row: 7 iron, 8, iron, 9 iron Pitching Wedge 4th Row: Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge Putter Well;: Putter
I bought a Rife Antigua once on clearance.  Had the wimpiest looking grip and I had it changed before I ever played with it.  Just too ugly.  Used it for 4 years and recently bought a Scotty Select 2 Notchback.  Cool looking black head and feels smooth.  Probably no better putting with it but DW got diamond earrings for our 40th so I got a new driver and putter.
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