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Dont know if anyones ever done this....thrown a club after a bad shot.....Anyway bent the club, tried to bend it back...SNAP. Its a Taylormade RAC OS PW. Cant seem to find a matching replacement, so is it worth repairing (new shaft) or buy an unmatching replacement. Looked at the  Wilson Golf Prostaff LCG Steel Iron PW, only £22.99....is this too cheap?   Lee
Yes blinded by the 'good deal' and the fact that they only had one left, thought I could live with the damaged grip, which isn't actually too bad, but the club face set the alarm bells ringing
Ended up with a Powakaddy Premium in black with gold piping and am over the moon with it, functional and most importantly......looks great   Joking aside, would recommend 
  Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to golf but I tried a Rossa Agsi + INZA at a local pro shop and it felt OK. I found out they were quite expensive for a beginner, but then saw one at the small pro shop at the club I joined (I'd class it as a fun par 3 course with cheap membership). They had this club for £30 so I immediately bought it. As I unwrapped it some of the grip came away with the plastic covering, I didn't think much of it but now the club face is...
I agree on the size/weight etc of the bag I just want room for everything and the seperate putter well is a must I think. I have narrowed it down to Powakaddy Deluxe or one of Taylormades larger bags, probably the   Taylormade Catalina 3.0 2012   Features: New 14-Way Stadium Design Top with integrated Handle (19.1cm x 27.9cm) Integrated Putter Well 11 Front Accessible Pockets Large insulated Cooler Pocket TPR Anti-Slip Cart Strap Pad Internal Crush Proof...
Just started playing and but splashed out on the Nike Lunars and they are really comfortable.
Hi everyone, so I think I have everything I need to get started.....just need a cart bag as Im using a stand bag on my trolley at the mo and it doesnt sit too well. I have a longridge tri-cart, but dont know if all bags fit all trolleys or which trolley to get. I have about £100 to spend and dont mind 2nd hand from Ebay etc, just want a decent bag.     Lee
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