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It has always been the U.S. Open for me. It is the ultimate test of golf where par is usually the goal. I think Pinehurst was not a good choice last year. It let the player recover too easily from their mistakes. The Open championship is a close second. I love the strategy of Links golf and the battle with the elements plus the yellow leaderboard rocks.
My two cents. Imagine you are the course operator and someone broke something that you owned. What would you expect? I was raised in a way where if you broke it, you fix it..
 I watched Paul Casey on the driving range yesterday on tv.. That is one simple, sweet, and repeatable swing
I learned to play in West Texas. Wind was just something you learned to deal with. We used to laugh when watching a pro tournament, an announcer would say the wind is gusting to 10 mph. That was calm conditions for us. Still live in Texas (always will). You just have to adjust to it. You learn to flight the ball a little more. I developed a forward press to help me hit it lmore solidly and lower.
It is just another marketing ploy by TM IMO. People are going to be deceived into thinking that those clubs will help them. It doesn't matter how good the arrow is if the archer can't shoot.
Sergio is a tool. Tiger knows that .He is probably laughing at Sergio's ignorance, I know I am. Jealousy rears it ugly head yet again.
When I first started playing 24 years ago, I was in the oilfield. It was an awesome, quiet, peaceful place compared to the daily grind.. There were no phones, alarms,deadlines, or safety meetings. I then fell in love with the game. I was always a really good athlete and thought that golf would be easy like all other sports....wrong!!! The constant challenge of the game is what keeps bringing me back to the range and course.The fun bets with friends, playing different...
The times we live in are really sad. I can't believe there is so much time being spent on Collins. He isn't the only homosexual on the planet. I am with Mike Wallace. Do whatever you feel like you need to, but I don't understand it either. I can't believe the POTUS would call him and congratulate him. I just wish Scotty would beam me up some days.
club ho.....I am going to use the spontaneous therapeutic forms of tension relief..... description just to get a response from my plant worker buddies
When I start pulling the ball, I focus on the left foot starting the downswing. I do that because to keep from shoving my left hip out in front. It is usually a good on course band aide. My left foot comes up about half an inch on the backswing, so it is a pretty easy thing for me to do.
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