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Mr clean magic eraser  
i use a mr clean magic eraser to clean all my clubs, i have a white driver and nothing i used got them clean, used a magic eraser one day and its like i just took the plastic off it.....works great on the irons to  
that tee had nothing to do with you hitting better drives, nor would any other tee,  your a 1 handicap please tell me you dont believe a tee helped your drive  
the taylormade website has a section for the rbz driver settings where u can choose the setting and the diagram will show the flight trajectory  
thats great if you drive the ball like that regularly, but if the rest of your game cant capitalize on the long drives then its not worth mentioning............................drive for show, putt for dough  
I hit the classic myself which i thought was ok, personally i think the cleveland black has a better feel to it  
I played rounds with both, and, the RBZ.... didnt like 910D, or R11 , also took out the 3 wood for each club, ended up buying the 910F 3 wood and the RBZ driver. I heard it all from people I play with about the RBZ, how its got a stupid name, and how the white club is bothersome, funny though how none of them out drive me since i got my stupid bothersome club. buy what you feel is best for you, not what others think is best  
i got mine in feb, played 60 rounds with them already and couldnt be happier...love these irons, got the new 910F 3 wood also, great club but been struggling with it alot lately  
I have the new 910F 3 wood, club has a great feel to it when striking the ball  
RBZ Driver................$289   Titleist 712 AP2 Irons..$869   Titleist 910F 3 wood....$190   Nike slingshot 3 hybrid....$70   Titleist Vokey wedges 54 & 60.....$180   Odyssey white ice putter.....$120     All brand new except the nike hybrid                                total $1718  
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