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Swing is improving for sure. Got my first birdie today (was nearly a 140yd dunked eagle by half a ball) although, my score hasn't really changed. The difference i'd that I am getting pars and bogeys with a couple doubles and then two or three blow up holes that bloat the score. Got myself hitting downward for the most part (still hit thin here and there) but it seems to be coming together.
Started hitting my irons and driver fairly decent but my 56 and 60 are giving me fits. Blading around the greens and on full shots, I tend to hit way fat.
Try out the DT Solo. I find they're plenty soft around the green for me.
Sure would, seems like a cool guy to me. Just fighting swing demons. Can't hate on a guy for that. Plus, there are penalties for slow play and he only had one breach of that on Saturday and didn't repeat it so he's good to go.
Update on the swing. Slowed tempo down, was rushing through transition and switching planes. Slowing down has stopped the plane issue. Also, noticed that my right elbow was flying and hips were dead (thinking it was fear of sliding backwards so they were hardly moving at all). After hours on the mat and net, I've corrected the flying elbow, switching plane and got my hips moving. Now I just have to rinse and repeat to help these changes stick. Tested out the swing at...
I tried looking past the ball but like others, it seemed to make me hit thin. Started focusing on the ball and forcing my hips to slide forward earlier in my downswing and today, for the first time (after ten hours of practice over the past five days in the net, hitting off of the mat) I now know what an actual golf shot feels like.
Nike Dura Feel.
'07 F-150...
They're generally not aggressive in the sense of chasing you down for no reason and they normally turn tail unless it's a female protecting a nest or if they're poised for ambush at the waters edge. The gator doesn't know what is disturbing the water if the water is cloudy, just that something inside its strike zone is moving. Their muscles are loaded for attack and any disturbance near the edge or in the water causes them to go off.
Guess I now have a cc to join. xX Ske1etor Xx
New Posts  All Forums: