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2012 Nissan Sentra 
I wish I could, but I am playing in an outing for golfwrx.com that day at Sandy Pines in Demotte, Indiana.
  This 100%   I enjoy walking as I get to take more of the course in, to really see the beauty of the course.   I can go either way with walking or riding though.  I'm good as long as I get to golf
Anyone interested in playing this Saturday?
It was a ton of fun. Chris is a really nice guy. I shot 96 (51/45). The wind was crazy! I nutted my 3 wood and the wind said no way. I had a total distance of about 130 yards. Hopefully more people come out. Its always a pleasure to meet fellow golf nuts!
It was a great drive! I nutted a 3 wood directly into the wind for a total unconfirmed distance of 130 yards.
I'm still in. If it rains we can figure something out
I just booked
Im good with that. It also appears to be 37 on the meadows site as well
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