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Welcome!   I was born and raised in the region!   I recently moved down to the Indianapolis area, but visit family and friends often.
Just thinking out loud here... If Dan were truly going for the 10000 hour mark, wouldn't that mean: 1. 10000 hours driver 2. 10000 hours with ever other club 3. 10000 hours Chipping, pitching, putting etc The 10000 hours in golf seem to be way too broad and nowhere near specific enough in the scope of the 10000 hour ordeal
2012 Nissan Sentra 
I wish I could, but I am playing in an outing for golfwrx.com that day at Sandy Pines in Demotte, Indiana.
  This 100%   I enjoy walking as I get to take more of the course in, to really see the beauty of the course.   I can go either way with walking or riding though.  I'm good as long as I get to golf
Anyone interested in playing this Saturday?
It was a ton of fun. Chris is a really nice guy. I shot 96 (51/45). The wind was crazy! I nutted my 3 wood and the wind said no way. I had a total distance of about 130 yards. Hopefully more people come out. Its always a pleasure to meet fellow golf nuts!
It was a great drive! I nutted a 3 wood directly into the wind for a total unconfirmed distance of 130 yards.
I'm still in. If it rains we can figure something out
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