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Charl Schwartzel - 9 Fredrik Jacobson - 6
I am selling my Rife Abaco 34" which I had bought new at the beginning of last season.  It is in excellent condition as can be seen from the pictures.  There are only a couple very minor blemishes that are even hard to see when looking very close.  I had to take pictures of the face in the sun and angle it correctly to even show them.  HC is included, which, unlike the putter, does show some signs of use.   It is gripped with a SuperStroke Ultra Slim Grip which at...
How many balls are gonna go into the drink on #17 this year?  I love this hole.  I can watch the tee offs all day.
Congrats MEfree!! Sick pick!  Thanks for the contest.
Rickie Fowler -11 Peter Hanson -12 Fredrik Jacobson -10
I love the TRX.  I usually lift normal weights to exhaust any and all strength from my muscles, and then head over the the TRX and really get my core activated while continuing to work the original muscles.  Those Navy Seals really know what they are doing!
For those that have lower back issues, what exercises/stretches would you recommend.  My back is in a mess of pain and season is just starting!   Thanks in advance
Congrats!  Sick win!
I'm boxed in as well.  Good Luck all!
Thanks for boxing me in Tazz haha.  With only 4 pages of entries so far, I feel like everybody has caught on to the ideal strategy, and that is to post just minutes before the thread closes so this prime example doesn't happen.
New Posts  All Forums: