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Yeah, I love Charles too. And I still give him credit for being honest. But that's the disconnect. A lot of people seem to think that if it was good enough for mama, then it is good enough for me and my kids. And that just isn't always true. 
 Or a massage therapist. I have claws of iron!
 Well stated. Think of the word "discipline." It implies much more than just a punishment. It is training. And the trainer can't be out of control.  I think a lot of people go to corporal punishment first, because that's what they got as a kid, and it often is not the most effective way to train a child. With my son and nephew, taking away privileges was always more effective. My nephew is an adorable little shit, and you could spank him for 10 hours and get nothing done....
 Nah, you're OK Ron. Your post on the topic was extremely cogent. I'd recommend to all of us that reading a post twice is sometimes a good idea before commenting. 
As much as I love Charles Barkley, and I do, I have to use his own words against him in regard to his AP comments. "Turrible. Crazy, knucklehead turrible." Charles is from Alabama, like me. He grew up not two hours from where I live, and I can assure him you don't have to be a black child in the south to get whipped with a switch or a belt or hair brush or a fly swatter or your mama's shoe or whatever else. And Charles is one of those people who seem to be saying that if...
Yep, and today he's gone. That is exactly why I would never have intentionally drafted RG3. FML.
Lewis didn't kill anyone, he just obstructed justice. A negligible point, I know.
I've been switched a million times in my life. Had to go pull my own switch, so that was the mental torture part of it. Still, I don't recall ever once having a switch break skin or draw blood, and I was certainly never lashed in the area of my genitals. What is concerning to me most is the number of lashes. We can count the ones that broke skin, and it's already ridiculous, but we have no idea how many there were that didn't break skin. How many times do you need to lash...
 Me too. I'm baffled by what this league thinks is "important" in terms of personal conduct.  Here's the deal. Josh passed more than 70 drug screenings before the one that was questlionably positive. Two samples from the same piss. One is one nanogram/litre above the limit, and the second sample is nearly two nanograms/litre BELOW the limit. That's inconclusive at best. Would you convict someone on that evidence? I wouldn't. And the limit is based on WADA standards which...
 Never taken Adderall, but I have taken speed in the form of the diet pill called phentermine. Tremendous focus ensued. 
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