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I hate wanting somebody else to lose for the benefit of my team. I'd rather we just win on our own merits. Not saying I will weep if State loses a game or two, but after the season we had last year, there is something in me that wants to see them do well. Right now, in spite of their mistakes today, they look like the real deal, and I fully expect them to jump FSU in the polls tomorrow.
I'm sorry, guys. The only way I can console myself right now is to holler for Arkansas. It's nothing personal. But it would ease the pain a bit of Bama can lose too.
 You've had quarterbacks, but you've had college quarterbacks. Nothing wrong with it. You can still be great even if your quarterbacks don't make it big in the NFL. But speaking of which, somebody needs to tell AJ to keep his mouth shut. This kid has three NC rings, is married to a model, and currently has a job in the NFL. Why all the whining?    My Granny taught me football, and she always said there was no excuse for not having a kicker you can bank on. No excuse. And...
Nah, I still got them. 
Thank God AP smoked weed. Maybe now he can get suspended.       (Free Josh Gordon)
@MS256 How you feel about this classy lady? Not a true fan if you quit your team after a loss. If that was OK, I would have quit Auburn two seasons ago and I'd have to quit the Browns every year. I have no patience for frontrunners.   http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/video-alabama-fan-quits-tide-pledges-allegiance-another-sec-west-team/
 Don't forget the ones from Florida too. 
I just added Jimmy Garoppolo to my "fantasy" team. 
 I always threaten to quit about the third week into the season, when 70% of my three fantasy team rosters are "out," "questionable" or "suspended." Yet, I do not give up. And just look, I won this week starting Brian Hoyer even though I stupidly overlooked the fact my TE was on bye. Whoever I was matched against was 3-1, so I don't think they aren't trying.
WAR DAMN EAGLE!   What the heck happened to LSU? I expected us to win, but not like that. Les needs to eat more grass. And find a quarterback. And maybe a defense.   As for Bama, I ain't a hater. All my poor Bama friends are beside themselves. There are going to be years like this. You can't play for the title every season. Great win for Ole Miss. Terrible about Kenyan Drake. Reminded me of Tyrone Prothro's injury. Hope it won't be as bad as that.    GameDay will be...
New Posts  All Forums: