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LOL. Just realized that I resurrected an old, old thread while reading up on rangefinder opinions.
I've tried the smartphone based GolfLogix and it works fine. But I've just purchased a Nikon Riflehunter 550 6x21 rangefinder after studying the differences between the 550 and the Bushnell v2 Tour.   Reasons -- Foremost, because I work at a computer all day and I go to the golf course, in large part, to get away from work and "screens." Constantly handling the phone leaves me with a cold sense of never leaving the office because inevitably a text message will pop up...
In my work I am on 24/7 call with Saturday and one other day of the week of my choosing as designated "days off." So, barring emergencies I split the "one other day a week" and try and play on Tuesday and Friday afternoons each week. Depending on the time and the weather I'll play 9 or 18.   I'm sociable and enjoy people but dealing with people is my job, so if I can work into a group and play that's fine. That said, I am also completely happy playing by...
On two memorable occasions when I was much younger I "threw myself down" playing on wet grass without spikes. Thankfully I didn't fall on a club or tee box marker and sustain an injury.   I'm older now and don't swing as hard, but I do have a knee and shoulder that give me problems. If spikes will help me with secure footing as to avoid aggravating existing issues then they are worth the money.   Put me down for "yes -- we need spikes."
Thanks again to all for the feedback.   Re, this:       The Ping online tools squared with what the pro told me after the tape measure, yard stick, video analysis, and "stand back and look and grunt" session several years ago. I'll work with the orange dots for a while and if they need tweaking I'll have them adjusted and keep working on it.   For me, golf has always presented an exercise of part trade-craft, part artistry, and part inexact science.
Ebay is my friend. Found a set of garage queen Eye2 orange dots for an outstanding price.   And I'm going to sell this other stuff.   Best to all -  
What did I buy on my last trip to the golf store?   Shag bag.  
Cochiti, Pueblo, NM   http://www.cochitigolfclub.com/   Not the most exotic location in the world, but a worthwhile side trip on any day.
Whoops! Several other posted while I was typing.   Thanks to all for the feedback.
Thanks, and I'm glad you raised that question. The answer to how I was fitted and came up with the specs is "both."   Several years ago I was fitted by a pro who used measurements and video analysis of my swing and he came up with standard length shafts and 2* flat lie. Then sometime last year I went through the Ping online hoops and it came up with the smidgen over the line towards Orange recommendation.   I've got several sets of clubs laying about - an old set...
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