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I've got a bit of a gap between my wedges: PW (45º), SW (55º) and a lob 60º, so want to buy a wedge to cover that. I was thinking a 50º.   Sooner or later I'll probably replace the 55 and the 60 with matching wedges (cause that's the way I roll).   I live in Spain where the tendency is not to try before you buy (some 80% of new cars are bought without being test driven) so my 2 local golf shops tell me it's not possible to try before I buy (but that Vokey and Cleveland...
The videos/advice I've seen is for the yips on short putts, but I've got a problem on mid to long putts.   Any advice or links to good vids? Thx.
Yoga. Pilates. Before AND after stretching exercises. Softly. NEVER bounce.
52 here. I've only been playing for 3 years so practice a lot as I feel I need to 'catch up'.   I'll do a full practice once or twice a week (a bucket of balls on wedges through to driver, 2 buckets if feeling off, plus 45 minutes hitting pitches, chips, sandwedges and putts). Total 100 minutes.   I'll maybe do a short practice (different location, only pitches, chips and putts possible) once a week. Total 45 mins.   And I play once, sometimes twice a week (18...
Golf is not about being a muscle head. Duh.
I'll be there for a fortnight in August and would like to play. Any recommendations for an 18 handicapper? Am happy to front up by myself and take pot luck but would want to avoid those expensive, overrrated shitholes that take your money and waste your day.   :)
My summer shoes wore out so gambled on a new pair of Adidas Adicross II Spikeless Golf Shoes.   Excellent traction.
Me too.
One of the reasons the Scots are so damn good hitting bump 'n' run shots.
Glad you enjoyed Scottish links, they are a wonderful experience.
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