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Some fair points but you lost me at "the gay community". Some won't give a shit, some will be outraged. The community does not have one voice. And you certainly are not their voice. Calm down.
That's true, assuming your wheels are wide ish. Their assumption is that if everyone goes around the outer edge of the green then there'll be an eventual buildup of damage, and people will often putt from a long way off the green because it's so difficult to get a wedge to stick (thanks Royal Melbourne!).From time to time they disallow it but I couldn't say why.
Thanks all for the tips. Next time I hit the range I'll try them out and failing that, take a vid. I had thought of getting a 2 hybrid but Callaway don't seem to make them in the model I'm using (and happy with-Edge Tour).
My 3 wood was my favourite club until I finally learned how to be consistent with my driver. Now I can't seem to hit it with consistency. It goes more or less straight but no height. Looks like a stinger or daisycutter. I have no problem with a 3 hybrid (21*) and my driver (10.5*) is also good. But the 3W(15*) gets left in the bag. Haven't spent hours trying to sort this out but it's starting to bug me. Any ideas?
Nicely predicted sir. Now, can you help me with the lottery?
Thanks all. Pity it's legit. This person is a beginner and incredibly slow. I was hoping I could use that as a way of moving things along a bit faster. All else has so far failed. Will have to avoid said player.
Me again. On a green, I marked my ball, lifted it, and wiped the dirt off on the green beside my marker. Was then called a penalty for testing the rub of the green ( which I wasn't trying to do). I thought legitimate ball cleaning was ok?
Hi all, A fellow player will line up a shot by putting their club on the ground, then step around, get in place, lift the club and take their shot. Is this ok?
I've got a bit of a gap between my wedges: PW (45º), SW (55º) and a lob 60º, so want to buy a wedge to cover that. I was thinking a 50º.   Sooner or later I'll probably replace the 55 and the 60 with matching wedges (cause that's the way I roll).   I live in Spain where the tendency is not to try before you buy (some 80% of new cars are bought without being test driven) so my 2 local golf shops tell me it's not possible to try before I buy (but that Vokey and Cleveland...
The videos/advice I've seen is for the yips on short putts, but I've got a problem on mid to long putts.   Any advice or links to good vids? Thx.
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