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You're confusing two things: whether I think Jones made the right call or not and whether I think that Jones is ultimately (or even primarily) responsible for the cancellation of the event.   The former was no, now that I've read a bit more about it, it becameI don't know - though again, not relevant. And the latter is a solid no. But the two are not the same thing.
  No, Jones not fighting is the justification Dana gave for cancelling the fight. Dana, in any event, was the one that cancelled the fight. Again, the fighter is only responsible for his performance in the fights he agrees to get involved in. Everything else is NOT his responsibility.    Everything else you said might very well be true, but it is besides the point.
Just on a simple matter of principle, blaming Jones for UFC 151 being cancelled was obviously wrong. But this article really drives the message home, within the context of fight promotion   http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1311586-ufc-151-fallout-fighters-dont-cancel-entire-fight-cards-promoters-do
  They tend to always be training anyway, but in different cycles. It kind of messes things up unnecessarily if you're going to break your cycle just on the off chance that you are called to fight.
Dana obviously did NOT put the event together... he cancelled it! I know what you're trying to say, but it doesn't hold. Putting the event together inherently means getting fighters willing to fight on board. He did not do that. Jones played his part, but ultimately Dana is responsible for it.   Don't take this as me saying that Jones decision was the best one. He shouldn't be blamed for what he is not responsible for, however. One tangible consequence of Dana's action is...
  Even that being the case, Jones is not responsible for anything but his own performance in a fight. Making sure events happen is Dana's responsibility. If Dana wasn't able to get everyone on board, that's Dana's problem.   And I don't think men of business would be so petty as to reject a fight and cut off their own nose just to spite someone else.
One thing I really disappointed about is how Dana decided to openly blame Jones for the show's cancellation.    We all know that Dana likes to swear. Fine, no bigs. But this just shows the worst lack of professionalism on Dana's part.   He's the one responsible for making the show happen, not Jones. It was definitely a bitch move by Jones, but he is entitled to it.   Jones came out looking like a wimp, but Dana came out looking like a spoiled little brat....
Well, I'm not, but it's not too hard to imagine the situation.
  Yeah, I'll keep updating this with every round I play. It will take a while till I play my next round though. Have to hit the range and the greens for a while till I'm ready to actually hit the course.. coz obviously I was never ready.
The pro at my club replaced the club for free... with what he says is a better club (**** do I know...) That was cool of him. The clubs aren't mine and I will be getting a new set soon for myself. The ones I'm using right now I am borrowing from my school.   So, that's that.         A lot of my score comes from dumbass hacking, golfing is really exposing my lack of self-control.   Also, this is how I am counting penalties, not sure if correctly: if ball disappears, go...
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