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  Huh.. my comment was kinda tongue in cheek, but your point is definitely well taken. Makes sense...
U.S. Soldiers and Airmens Home Golf...
  Wouldn't go so far as to say Machida has no chance though. Even in the first fight we saw elements of a true contender. It will easily be the toughest fight Machida ever has - eve tougher than the first fight he had against Jones, because now he knows from experience how devastating Jones is - but he does have a legitimate chance.
Depends on situation, of course... is it in competition, am I behind, way ahead...? Am I playing by myself?
Yea, I'm a little apprehensive to say Machida can match Jones. I mean, he beat Bader... Bader is not top competition - not top 5 at the least, by any means. So yeah he looked good, but it's hard to judge from that fight how he would do his second time around with Jones.   Also want to emphasise how awesome Lauzon's submission was. It was so technically impressive... I can't think of better finishes than his was today. I'd put it above Silva's front kick, Hendo's...
Props to Vera. He was able to push Rua, though never really in control. He may have taken round 3 though.   Rua only has two speeds it seems: feed or get fed. He doesn't know how to not take hits. Not so sure he has what it takes to challenge Jones though.   Oh, and Rua won by TKO round 4
Machida put Bader to sleep impressively... man! This is good shit!   Bader wasn't in Machida's class, Machida controlled the fight for the whole 6 and 1/2 minutes that it lasted.
UFC on Fox 4. Who's watching?   Joe Lozan just got an awesome triangle choke in!
Seeing so many obese people here in the states!   What the f**k? Country that needs universal health care the most is the most aprehensive to accept it! And there used to be people saying how universal health care is a bad idea because it would encourage people to be unhealthy... thing that cat's long out the bag!
Did you not stop at all to think whether this would actually be worth sharing?   Because if you did, I'm glad you made the right decision! That's cool as shit!   Do you get paid to come up with stuff like that?
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