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I certainly believe it got more popular. There are more golf courses around, more people talk about golf, it is going to make a Olympics comeback, the field, I would imagine, got more competitive internationally, more international events have some prestige now...   I guess it depends at what level you are talking about. If each of you is talking about your local level, I guess you might be the experts on that. Worldwide, however, not that I am an expert but I would...
  How did you draw the conclusion that I don't see the severity?   I appreciate that last statement in bold. It confirms what is obvious about many here. There is this blatant self-gratifying indignation going on. Anyone who disagrees that Joe Pa should not be hung by the balls is being insensitive to the victims.   This idea that affording just treatment even to those culpable shows carelessness towards the victim is absolutely stupid. Not only is that immoral in on...
This card def was not worth getting out of the house for. Hell, it wasn't worth paying attention to at all - except Riddle's fight.   So, lesson learned for me. If it's not a particularly interesting main event, I'll wait till the fights get put on some tube site.
  Good for you. But there was no need to invoke his personal beliefs. They have no connection whatsoever with the conversation at hand.
It seems NCAA vacated Joe Pa's wins from 1998 to 2011.   My guess is that they did so not in the name of fairness, but in the name of deterrence. Let any future coach know that if any such a scandal surfaces in the future, it will be dealt with harshly.   Unfair on Joe Pa, but it is a good precedent to set IMO. In any case, everyone will know what Joe Pa's record is.   With that said, I'm also thinking that it really messes up the record books, which might...
The Paterno Library will maintain its name. Rightly so.
    Doubt that'll ever happen. The guy was there for over six decades. He doesn't all of a sudden become he-who-shall-not-be-named...   Read the books when I was a kid.     That was unnecessary, don't you think?
  "Didn't I tell you that you'd be more successful if you stopped playing sports and picked up golf?!"   I'm sure this one will go down well with my fellow sand trappers!
  You mean to say you doubt it will be put up again, no?   I have the feeling that Pa's career is more engrained in people's minds than this scandal will be. Think Michael Jackson.    Will be different if things get significantly worse for Joe Pa's story though - I don't expect that though.
The days of Paul Taglibue were so much better.... we talk too much about this non-football crap now
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