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By the reasons that PSU gave for taking the statue down, I bet it will be back up after a while.   Taking down the statue was just the least worst choice... this whole thing is just such a shame...
shoot it finished too early! I could swear that yesterday they were still going well into the afternoon (US)!
LMAO!   Yo, Landry is jacked, but he's like, 220, 230.   Gholston is over 260 of pure muscle!!
You don't mention which club you're using...
  You did not miss anything...
Pretty sure I've witnessed the worst fight in the UFC this year - Lombard v Boesch
shitty card so far...
And he just won a new fan!
Matt Riddle with the first win... impressive submission IMO!
   You let me take all that heat on my own?!   Anyway, in that I do disagree. His career was legendary, but it is hard not to wonder if he decided not to blow the whistle in order to preserve his legendary career.   Take it down, IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: