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If Sony sold the rights - or whatever - of Gran Turismo to Microsoft, there would no longer be a debate about PS3 and XBox
Interwebz! Free fights!
So the question becomes: how do you choose a new putter?
Hoje tem porrada!!   Who's gona be watching?!
What wrong message would that send?
Most jacked does not mean strongest neither, I don't think... I didn't read the intro in that article though, so...
  Football is not wrong. I can't think of a more jacked player - though I can think of a whole lot better players than Gholston.   And I think the list must've gone with how much of the player's body is muscle and how much muscle the player has altogether. I agree with Camilo.
Does it make a huge difference if you putt a bit more upright?   I see hardly anyone on tour does it upright, they all bend at the waist quite a bit.
And like I have said quite a few times, JoePa failed terribly to do what is right, beyond the casual association to the fact. He was in a prime position and had prime reasons to take much better steps in stopping this thing than he took - which were none - and he didn't.   That still is not the same as actually raping the boys. That doesn't mean that Joe Pa is off the hook by any means, not by a long shot. Again, what Pa did was terrible, unacceptable. But his...
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