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  Semantics in that I was not really talking about the letter of the law. I don't know it. I've been talking intent and culpability - and for the most part, so was everyone else.    There's been insinuation here that Joe Pa is as guilty as Sandusky on molesting the kids! So is he "as guilty, but guilty of another crime".. maybe, I'm not a lawyer. Is he nearly as culpable as Sandusky for the fact that this whole affair took place? Not even close. No Sandusky, no rape. No...
Don't think I expressed myself properly. Let me try again.   In football, for example, the Pats were a better team than the Giants last year, but the Giants beat the Pats. Fair enough. The way that game is set up, a lot of it is up to the players. But in baseball, seems like only by the law of averages can we really get a fair assessment of how one team stacks up against another - hence the seven game series. Like, just how the ball makes contact with the bat... no...
Sounds like a bad idea in baseball terms. Even the Yanks get beat by the Pirates. One game can hardly determine the better team.
  For some reason I was under the impression that MLB only had one wild card spot per league... thanks!
So, on mlb.com, two teams have a dash on the Wild Card Games Behind column: the Braves and the Pirates. But they have two different records.    How is that possible? Is it a website glitch or something?
Okay, fine.
  That's not what I've been talking about here. I'm not really versed on American law - or any law for that matter.    However, those may have been the charges, but it is by no means a foregone conclusion that he certainly lied and cospired for concealment of crimes - so no saying right now whether he would've been found guilty or not. All we can tell is that he failed to act on moral grounds.   The evidence that is out there on him possibly lying is that he may or may...
    I never even thought she was a 10 sir, I just came for the milk and cookies...
Easily agreeable to in my opinion.
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