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You might be right, but I doubt it. I've actually increased my golf outings, and would increase it even more if I didn't have other stuff more important to do.
No doubt Browns fans are the most awesome and loyal fans in all of sports! You fill more stadiums than most teams, but your team never delivers!   This coming from a Rams fan. We suck. We get outcrowded by visiting teams sometimes - or so I'm told by fans that actually attend games LOL!
I am just beginning to play golf, and I'm doing it purely because it is good for business!   I probably would've quit by now if I didn't think it was important... it's just too hard to hit that damn ball properly to continue playing this forsaken game!   At the same time, I wish I had nothing else to do so I could go out there and improve my swing... I curse and curse when I'm on the driving range (for reasons by now obvious), but I don't want to leave neither. I...
As a beginner, how do you know what advice to listen to and what advice not to listen to?
I don't need to be a club-champ amateur to play it for biz though, do I? And yea, the little more success I have the more I like it. I went to the range today and hit a little better, going tomorrow and hopefully improve on what I got..   In any case, right now I consider being good at it just possessing the ability to hit the ball long and straight!!
And if I could ask.. how long did it take you guys to start enjoying golf?   I'm the sort with a business motivation for golf, so I'm not gong to quit until I get good at it. But I have to say, I'm not exactly doing it coz I love it. I wonder if anybody here had similar emotive progressions in golf, i.e. didn't love it starting out and now can't stop thinking about it...
Hello all,   New to golf, started in... January I think   Still can't hit the damn thing straight!    Hope to get some good golfing advice here - like, which balls and clubs I should buy n stuff.
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