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  Yeah, we are in full agreement here! Paterno was a coward. I've acted cowardly before and I hate it. I will teach my kids to do what is right all the time, regardless of personal consequences.
  Yeah, that comment wasn't aimed at you. It was a general remark given the heat I'm taking on this thread.
  I might look at the key findings later (should be working). But there was nothing there I wasn't aware of. Except the name of the building. I'll stress again, no denying that what Paterno did was inherently and deeply immoral. I am in no way even insinuating otherwise. And the corruption of the programme is also evident. I agree with that too.   What I don't agree with is any insinuation that Paterno is as guilty as Sandusky.
  You have a blatant inherent bias on this issue. I read as far as "if Paterno is so innocent".   No one here is yet to make a claim that Pa is innocent
  Not even close. Immoral, but not nearly as culpable as the person who did set me on fire. But I agree with your last paragraph.   And the whole internet is up in arms about Joe Pa. I have not read one Pa-favourable oped yet. It's pretty safe to assume that the authors I read on would dig the worst on Paterno they could find.
  No, I've read several opeds on it.   FWIW, googled "did paterno lie" and got one blog entry on how he may or may have not forgotten about a telephone conversation.
  I also just realised that you are trying to equate this "yes, those people deserved to die! They weren't innocent, they voted their murderous government in"   to this "yes, that man did something really bad, but I think people are making him more culpable than what the evidence leads to conclude"   Would like to know how those two are even remotely close...
More importantly, nobody should answer for or be pinned to things they did not commit.   All we can safely conclude from what we know is that he failed to blow the whistle on a dodgy character. More than that and we are speculating at this point.
  Where do you see me excusing Paterno for looking the other way?         This was an attempt by me to emphasize my view that there is no excusing Paterno's actions. But that in no way means that he did no good at all.         So, you honestly believe that if a man were to lift the lives of hundreds and thousands of people in a significant manner - put scores of families under drastically improved life conditions - but at the same time failed miserably to stop a much...
  If you put it that way, IMO if you did what you have in bold, that good definitely outweighs the bad of NOT REPORTING! Not reporting does not equate to actually committing the crime, it isn't nearly as reprehensive. Though I am not so sure JoePa can be rightfully attributed all those actions that you mention there. Not so sure being a great football coach outweighs not reporting ongoing child molestation.   Let's also not make it as if JoePa knew 12 children were being...
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