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  But you can see the difference between this claim and claiming that it wasn't all bad, right?
  Nobody is denying that, and that's not the claim.
  That's true though... it's hard to disagree with both of those statements. The same goes for almost anybody. Same way even Gandhi wasn't all good.
  Muslim Brotherhood is democratic though. Maybe they weren't in the past, I'm not thoroughly familiar with their history, but they are now.   And external help - America's if need (likely) be - does not mean implementing external standards per se, it can simply mean the mere protection of innocent lives, a universally upheld value.
I don't know what needs to happen, though I am very inclined towards international action.   By the way, in situations like these, the Rwandan genocide comes to mind (though this situation is not nearly as terrible). There, the head of the UN mission, after the whole ordeal, either did - or almost did it, one of the two - commit suicide over the whole thing. He knew that, were he to get the authorisation to stop the killing, he could've easily done so.    It is...
Could you be more specific on which dictator you have in mind? Coz my thought is you meant Qaddafi, and the World likes the fact that he's gone, in a campaign that America self-descriptively "led from behind"
  That doesn't quite answer the question... was the Higgs the only purpose for the LHC?   EDIT: it seems like you're explaining the null and alternative hypotheses approach with points 2 and 3. But doesn't really answer the question, unless I am to infer that the Standard Model is a separate research topic from the Higgs altogether, which from my understanding, it isn't.   [That came out wordier than I thought it would, but hopefully my query is still clear...]   The last...
You guys like to beat a guy to the ground...
Look at the amount of attention and scrutiny Jimbo got by claiming a 300 drive!   I'm going to start claiming mad stuff before I post my swing vid as well!
http://www.beatyourtruck.com/forum/showthread.php?75308-Funny-video-Angry-man-gets-mad-at-RC-car-on-golf-course!/page2   apparently the vid is fake.
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