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  Awesome share!
We should start making jackets, this is a pretty big club!
I went back to the famous ball flight laws article and realised I read it wrong! Silly ol' me!
HAH!!! So I was fixing my slices wrong!!! lololol
The good thing about starting anything up is that there is generally only one way to go!
I thought an outward path is what caused the slices... in-to-out path...
I don't know if this is or is not an annual poll, but it should be!
Thanks for that.   On the low point of the arc moving forward, you mean directly ahead of the golfer, correct? Not down the target line...?
Knee flex helps the slice? How?
http://www.c-span.org/Events/International-Reaction-to-the-Syrian-Conflict-the-Assad-Regime/10737432295-1/   10 minutes of this video made me wonder if this woman is lying... I know there is historic precedence, but I don't understand how a supposed leader, even if he thinks he is right, can treat his people like that and still believe he ought to remain in power...
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