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I just played around with a set of Gorman clubs last week. It took about 50 balls at the range until I finally started hitting anything well and straight. The weight of the clubs made me struggle.
A friend of mine has a couple Warrior wedges. They are just average beginner clubs. I don't get how Warrior stays in business.
My advice is to do what I did. I went to a golf store and found what was on clearance. I got a great set of Callaways at 25% under cost simply because they had been replaced with a new model.
What is it that you find different between the old ones and new?
Went to Carls Golfland, they have everything.  New clubs, used, and clearance.  I wanted something new that would last me for years so I bought a clearance set.  They were 25% off and I've had them four years. 
I thought this was a joke.... 
I like him, he seems to be pretty down to earth and doesn't try to please anyone but himself. He appears to be a family man and I like the fact that his swing is his own.
I read this and thought that while it isn't good to be beat by the marker, he's +3 for the tournament and is tied for 26th.  Surely he's not in good position to win, but this story makes it sounds like he's +10 or something. 
So if you don't want to burn your favorite course down, hit it in the fairway..... Check
If that's what you want to wear, then wear them.  I wear cheap sunglasses, and they work for me.
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