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I'm the same as most. A dollar a drink.
The only hybrid that I have is a 3.  From 4 on up, I just use regular irons.  I don't feel like I gained much trying 4,5,6 hybrids.  I do like having the three if I need a longer shot and I'm in the rough.   I wish I had a regular three though. 
Nothing wrong with cashing that check, but I seem to like Duffner more and more whenever I read about him.
This is why I can't stand Tiger. Can he get any more annoying? I get that he's bad a couple bad holes, but act like a professional.
I'll respond to the original post, since I sort of am that guy.  I've been playing for 3 summers now, and I don't get many chances to play 18,. maybe once, luckily twice a month.  I learned early this year to always wait, even when I rarely hit a club as long as I can on every shot.  I was on a short par 5 (about 470 yards) with a little wind behind me.  I made a nice drive and had a 2some in front of me.  I haven't hit my three wood well all that much, but whenever I'm...
I agree.  I don't think this show needs to have NFL players featured.  It's nice that they will be donating money to charity, but it's not necessary.  
My last outing we definitely had a cheater, on the long drive.  They had a hold where you marked your drive if it was beyond the previous one.  A guy that we golf with is really good, not awesome, but pretty good (by my book anyway, usually shoots in the 80's, often low 80's).  On the long drive hole, he bombed a great drive, it was just a little short of 300 yards.  We were looking for the marker and it was a good 50 yards longer.  So, no big deal... after the round,...
If you're with a group and they are all riding, you should too.  As for the cart on the green..... you should know the answer to that????
That's the thing. If they just made decent golf equipment, it would sell.
I'd love to know why this company is so shady.
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