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I like him, he seems to be pretty down to earth and doesn't try to please anyone but himself. He appears to be a family man and I like the fact that his swing is his own.
I read this and thought that while it isn't good to be beat by the marker, he's +3 for the tournament and is tied for 26th.  Surely he's not in good position to win, but this story makes it sounds like he's +10 or something. 
So if you don't want to burn your favorite course down, hit it in the fairway..... Check
If that's what you want to wear, then wear them.  I wear cheap sunglasses, and they work for me.
I had a guy come up to me once saying that I almost hit him, funny thing is that I didn't hit any stray shots that could have come anywhere near another person that day.
I'm saying that I think it would help.  I've recorded my swing, and often when I putt I'm moving the putter away from me.  It's something that I have to learn to not do, and I'm assuming that if I had an anchored putter I would probably not do that so much.  It's an assumption.
Wrong,  I know that a lesson or five would help, but I'm saying that an anchored putter would also probably help some people with the issue that I have.  I personally won't buy an anchored putter (not because of the rule change) because I want to learn how to putt 'properly'.  I push the ball right, which is a swing flaw in my case.  I'm lining the ball up properly when I practice but when I'm putting I'm not properly swinging the putter, and I'm moving it away from my...
Obviously. I guess you don't get my point.
Maybe not every round, but my putting is quite bad. I probably three putt on average 7 holes a round and I rarely make just one putt. I have an awful tendency to push the ball right and have not been able to correct it. I'm sure an anchored putter would help. Probably at least 3-5 a round. Maybe ten was pushing it a little.
My view of this rule has changed since it was introduced. A first I was all for it , now I feel that it should only apply to the pros. I am not a good golfer by any means, a round in the 90s means I had a good day. But my poor putting easily adds 5-10 strokes to my game. (Lack of time to practice). If an anchored putter could do that for me (which I think is very possible) then I could shoot in the high 80s occasionally. Amateurs should be able to use it, pros shouldn't....
New Posts  All Forums: