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If you're with a group and they are all riding, you should too.  As for the cart on the green..... you should know the answer to that????
That's the thing. If they just made decent golf equipment, it would sell.
I'd love to know why this company is so shady.
I just used a sleeve of the Callaway Diablos. I don't know if it was me or the ball of both, but I actually got on a par five in two that was over 450 yards! I did have the wind behind me but those balls seem to take off!
I prefer white.  I can see my knuckles better and I feel that I can see my grip better with white gloves on.  
So I have a tendency to use different golf balls all the time.  Not necessarily in the same round, but I'll buy a dozen of these, a dozen of those etc. A friend that I golf with often finds this strange and always voices his opinion about it when we golf.  I buy more Callaways than other brands, but last weekend I played with some Bridgestone E6 balls (love em!) and of course he noticed.  Do many of you do this or am I in the minority?
I tend to give one, rarely two practice swings.  I feel like it gets the feel of the club in my head for that shot.  Saying that, I take those two swings quickly and then take my shot.
Shot a 104 yesterday.  55 on the front, 49 on the back. Short game was the problem big time.  I was driving decently and hit a few nice shots with my three wood, some nice iron shots too.  My chipping and putting easily added  6 or 7 strokes....  Next time!
Found two sleeves of Titleist Velocity balls laying my a tee box.  No one was in front of me for a few holes.   I put no effort into finding the owner. If it was a club or rangefinder ect, I would have turned it in right away.
I can't agree with you at all. Stereotypes and Racist comments are two completely different things. Sure, everything you stated above is a stereotype but none of them are negative.
New Posts  All Forums: