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I tend to give one, rarely two practice swings.  I feel like it gets the feel of the club in my head for that shot.  Saying that, I take those two swings quickly and then take my shot.
Shot a 104 yesterday.  55 on the front, 49 on the back. Short game was the problem big time.  I was driving decently and hit a few nice shots with my three wood, some nice iron shots too.  My chipping and putting easily added  6 or 7 strokes....  Next time!
Found two sleeves of Titleist Velocity balls laying my a tee box.  No one was in front of me for a few holes.   I put no effort into finding the owner. If it was a club or rangefinder ect, I would have turned it in right away.
I can't agree with you at all. Stereotypes and Racist comments are two completely different things. Sure, everything you stated above is a stereotype but none of them are negative.
I can't say that I've three putted from that close yet, I'm sure I will someday.  My worst putting moment was a 2 foot putt for birdie, not to mention that it would have been my first birdie ever, and I left it short.  Funny thing is my next round, I made that first birdie, from 20 feet.
I never have played with anyone, but I saw a guy break his driver, and then flipped out.  It was entertaining.
I guess I look at what being racist is differently.  To me, a racist comment would be something that was negative based on that persons race.  To me, while the comment is stupid, it's just stating a stereotype.  Tiger is also Asian, if he said he'd serve some sesame chicken, would you still think it's racist?  People need to relax.
People are sensitive. In my mind, it's not a racist comment, it's a stereotype.
I was playing by myself one morning and caught up to a foursome on the 12th. They wouldn't let me pass and they were very slow. Constantly talking and looking at each others shots before they hit. On the 15th I just left. I was so annoyed. Obviously I was going to cath up to them, but I was at 3 tee boxes with them and on the 13th hole I asked if I could play through. The guy looked at me and just said no.
I got an email from Warrior golf telling me to call them to get a dozen free balls because they needed testers.  This was before I knew who Warrior Golf were.   I called, told them that I'd love to try them, all they wanted was some feedback, I gave them my info and then they told me that the shipping cost would be $14.95 or $19.95 or something like that.  I laughed.  I asked the guy why would I pay the same amount for shipping to test something when I could buy so many...
New Posts  All Forums: