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I don't understand that people that think that this kid should not have to follow the rules.  It was unfortunate, but that's life.
I have two goals.  The first is to gradually improve, the second and most important is to keep the game fun.  I know a couple of people that take it way too seriously. 
What a fool he is!
Funny thing is that I heard that he wasn't going to be penalized until he made that statement.  The board had already reviewed it but changed their decision after the interview
I have a feeling that what was posted I. The first reply is probably more my issue.
I'veive found that teeing it lower didn't help. It didn't hurt either but....
Because I'm still learning and hit a tree.
I will.. Thanks for the advice!
Maybe, but his buddy hit his 30 yard farther!
Any average golfer using a ProV1X is wasting their money.  Great ball if you have the skill.
New Posts  All Forums: