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I have a feeling that what was posted I. The first reply is probably more my issue.
I'veive found that teeing it lower didn't help. It didn't hurt either but....
Because I'm still learning and hit a tree.
I will.. Thanks for the advice!
Maybe, but his buddy hit his 30 yard farther!
Any average golfer using a ProV1X is wasting their money.  Great ball if you have the skill.
It's only in your head.  I for example don't like the orange balls...  It's strictly a visual thing.
I never even thought about that!  I'd like to find a nice pair of pants.  I only have one decent pair for golfing.
I don't think that the newer Top Flites are that bad at all.  I play them and I also like Callaway Warbirds and Diablo balls.
So I'm having a bit of an issue when I drive the ball, especially when hitting into the wind.  I'm getting the ball too high into the air on most drives and it's costing me yardage.  I use a 10.5 degree driver, and I'm sure buying a new one with less loft would help, but do any of you have tips on what I might be doing wrong?  It's limiting my drives to about 200-230 yards when there is no wind.
New Posts  All Forums: