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So today I was out playing my first round of the year.  I was on a par 4, roughly 350 yards that has a tree that hangs partially over the fairway.  It was a windy day today and I made a solid drive, but I pulled the shot..... needless to say it hit the tree.  I lost sight of the ball, but to the left I saw a ball land.  It was in the middle of the fairway on the hole next to me... no one was on that hole.  It was the same brand ball, and had the number 4 on it.  I picked...
My goal is to shoot in the 90's regularly.  Also, I hope to improve in just making more solid shots. 
Shot a 97 on a par 72.  Third time I've ever scored under 100.  It was my first time out this year.  One par on the front nine, and only two holes on the front were horrible, a six on a par three (horrible chipping) and an 8 on a par 5.  I shot par on three holes... which at my level makes me happy.  I was also happy with this round because there was a good amount of wind today.
I get grief from my buddies because I have all Callaway equipment. 
I've never seen the Warbird 3.0. I just picked up the Warbird Hex and they are a two piece ball. I plan on using them this weekend. 
I'm the exact opposite.  Early on, I feel tight and that's when I don't make good contact as often.
I've played both.  I feel like when I got ahold of it off the tee the Velocity gave me a few more yards, but I also feel like I hit the solo straight more often.   
I use the cheap Callaway Warbirds.  If I lose one it's not a big deal, and for me they tend to hold up well.  I hit a PRO V1 just to see how it felt, and it did nothing for me. 
This happens to me every now and then.  It seems to happen to me if I haven't been out for a few weeks.   Two years ago I went out for my first 18 ever.  I was playing with two friends (who golf often) and we had a 9am tee time so there were others around with later tee times watching.  I was nervous because of the small audience and I didn't want to look like an idiot.  My buddy tosses a tee down to see who's going to go first (whoever it points to) and of course,...
I checked my last pay statement from last year. I'm just a middle class guy with a ranch house and a 9 to 5 job. I made roughly 60,000 last year. I paid almost 12,000 in taxes. Sure, ill probably get some back when I file my tax returns, but that's a joke and this year ill be paying more.
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