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he played a bunch of golf the first two years he was in office and the GOP couldn't stop him from doing anything......even golf! He's only got a few months left so its ok.
I played Rammler yesterday, I hit over 100 again.  It was my first time out since the end of July (newborn at home).  my first 4 holes were pathetic, it was like I hadn't learned a thing in the past year, then I started relaxing and hitting some decent shots.  Then at 8 I caught up to the pack.  A hole with a foursome teeing off and three guys behind them.  They didn't let me play through even though I was by myself and I trailed these people all day after.  I was...
I hope they ban it for professional golf.  I don't mind if ameteurs use it, but I feel a pro should putt the way putting was meant to be.
I agree 100%.  If he didn't spend so much, I'd actually think about voting for him this time. 
I don't care that he plays, but he is out there too much for a president that has "so much to fix from the previous administration"
What's keeping me from doing it is a lack of time to practice and play rounds.  I finally got to the course yesterday, first time in two months, and basically my first 4 holes are my practice holes. I'd say my longest drive was about 275 yesterday, but on average I probably hit them around 210-220.  I hit two of them well, the 275 one I had a little wind behind me, and the other one that I hit well was about 250. 
I've had nothing but great experiences with Golfsmith online. Ordered some balls and they arrived in a timely fashion. I also ordered my Callaway 3 wood online and I accidentally ordered a stiff shaft when I wanted a regular. I took it to the store to return it and they didn't have a regular shaft to exchange it with so they mailed me one and it arrived 3 days later.
i was thinking the same thing.
Speak for yourself. While I'm much more interested in the PGA, I enjoy the euro tour from time to time.
I shot a 95 once this year, and if it wasn't for some HORRIBLE putts I could have broken 90 that day.  I was hitting my irons better than usual which was nice.
New Posts  All Forums: