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I shot a 95 once this year, and if it wasn't for some HORRIBLE putts I could have broken 90 that day.  I was hitting my irons better than usual which was nice.
I usually carry when I walk. 
I live just outside of Detroit, and it seems like the courses here are always busy.  I avoid going on the weekends because I don't like waiting.  I know of two courses that closed, and one was because it was on one of the busiest stretches of road and it's a mall now.
I agree.  I'm a year into golf, and I love it.  I never take it seriously, although I am constantly trying to improve.  Last weekend, I was trying to chip onto the green, and I didn't get under the ball at all. It went across the green into a bunker.... Couldn't care less. 
For me it depends on what you are trying to do.  Are you trying to win a tournament or are you practicing?   
Agreed.  I love golf, but it's not something that should be in the olympics...... unless they have to run to every shot and hit it in 5 seconds.....  I'm kidding of course.
You're only young once.  It's better to have the hair longer now than when you are 45
I have a dozen in my bag and I have some random dozens waiting for me.  I received a dozen as a gift (Titleist DT Solo) and I won a dozen Callaway Hex Black Tours from a web site.  I seem to like Callaway balls the most so far and have a few different boxes of them. 
If you are thinking this way, you should probably quit.  I play to relax.  Whether I play good or bad I always have a good time.  Sure, playing better is always great, but golfing for the regular guy is more about havign fun.
With my group of friends, it's gotten more popular with us.  I'm 32, and ten years ago only one of us regularly golfed. Now five of my buddies from back then do.   We usually try to go to the cheaper places to play due to the economy, but we still go.
New Posts  All Forums: