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I have a really nice set of Ping i15 irons, they work good and I play really good with them. But somehow I saw some awesome deals the past few days and right now I have a set of Titleist AP2 and a set of Mizuno MP-53 on the way to me. Should have both sets during next week and I do not know what to do!?   I guess I could sell some of the sets but what if I like all three, and don´t want to sell any of them. Can you rotate your irons? Play a few rounds and then switch?
Thank you, but they would not ship outside the U.S. But I think golfsmith will so going to order from them.
Wow, that must be the hardest golf shoe in the world to get a hold of in size 11.5. Would have no problems spending $180 for them, but no one has them in size 11.5. Please let me know a online store that has them in that size. Thnx.
Thanks for the feedback, and it comes down to wanting new ones more than needing them. I do switch my wedges every year, and my swing is the same so no need to switch irons. Although, looking at new ones that come out I got to say it is very tempting to buy them just because they are new. 
Hi,   I am new memeber, and there might already be a thread about this, if there is please link to it.   My question is how often should you buy a new iron set? If you play an average 2 times / week, from mid April to mid October. I tend to buy a new 52 degree wedge every year since it is the club I use the most, but what about the irons?
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