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Driver - 260-275 average 3h - 215-220 4i - 195-200 5i - 185-190 6i - 175-180 7i - 165-170 8i - 155-160 9i - 145 - 150 pw - 130-140 sw 54 degree - 100-120 really depending on the scenario sw 56 degree - usually about 105 lw 60 degree - 85    all of these from good lies in the fairway. my driver is by far my worst club. very inaccurate so I don't really know how far I hit it (straight) because I only really do it once or twice per round. Sometimes I can hit it...
  Ah I understand now, thank you. So this was not my home course but 19.2 is my handicap index... What do I do if I've never played a course before?
  Not that we could do a better job, he's just rude sometimes
Hey,   I played with my friends the other day at their private club. According to oobgolf.com, I'm a 19.2 handicap so I put 19 on the score card. One of my friends told me that if I'm under a 20 handicap then the maximum score I can get on a hole is 7. We played this way and I don't think I actually would have ever had more than a 7 but can someone who knows more about this than me please confirm or deny this rule? I believe my friend entirely but I just don't know...
pulling for tiger or horschel this week! love them both and im especially newly on the horschel bandwagon he's terrific
I played a Disney course last summer when I was visiting Disney World with my family. I believe it was Magnolia. It was the one they have the Children`s Miracle Classic on. Amazing courses down there in Orlando
I`ve been using 2012 TM Penta, they`re a little bit cheaper and I like them a lot, maybe you can have a try.
Brandel is the number one Tiger hater in the known universe. He wasn`t too bad last week, but over the last 18 months I`ve noticed that he never really has anything nice to say and he usually is just criticizing Tiger`s game. Maybe because he had such a mediocre career himself   EDIT: When I woke up this morning I thought about making this thread, he is so awful in my opinion
  Overall an unfortunate scenario for Tiger and for golf fans. Maybe there should be a discussion whether the punishment suited the crime... I mean he dropped it 2 yards back and he was almost DQ`d... seems a bit extreme to me, even though I know they are the long-time standing rules of golf.
  He was not treated differently than any other golfer because he did not sign an incorrect scorecard as far as the rules committee was concerned at the time of his signing of the score card. This is clearly explained on page 62 of  this thread. May I point out also that I believe it`s unfair that he received a penalty at all because it seems like almost every other player in the field wouldn`t have because they don`t consistently have 15+ cameras on them.
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