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I'd go demo a few drivers first to see what impact the different ones have on your particular game.  We are all different and what works for one person may not work for another.  Then based on that you can always go to a store and have it fitted to your particular swing.  Might be worth having a look at the various rental and demo sites that are out there.  
you could always look at demo'ing some clubs first even before buying.  GolfRedefined.com have a lower membership tier that you can subscribe to even for say 3 months and get to try a whole bunch of drivers - only a season out so instead of the TM R1 for example for $69 for 3 months you could try say the TM R11... might be worth looking at...
To be honest I think we are all slaves to the shiny! Probably just as well - otherwise we wouldn't buy anything!
try one out first before you purchase one... great service that allows you to demo whatever driver you want - they ship it to you and you can keep it for as long as you like i signed up a few months ago - have tried the Ping anser (9.5, stiff) and the r11s (r11s, 10.5) will try the TMr1 when it is available
tend to agree that the newest are not always the best.  that being said the technology is improving things a lot so playing with even 3 or 4 year old clubs mean you are probably not getting out of your game what you might get from a newer set...I've finally upgraded to the r11s - well on demo from golfredefined dot com but it has made a huge difference to my drives.  had it tweaked by my local golf pro, even though it is a demo.  I'm longer than my old R9 by about 20...
pretty cool stuff...
i've just got a r11s from golfredefined but I know they have the cobra amp as well...you can choose from 2 lofts and 2 shafts...and just take it for a demo. pretty cool service that allows you to try out different drivers...
Personally I have just received a TM R11s (9.0, stiff) from GolfRedefined.com.  Great service and I get to demo clubs when I want them.  I've had the R9 up to recently, not trying the 11s and it certainly has "meat".  I'm also hearing good things about the Titleist 913 D2 which I am going to try shortly.
As homer simpson would say Duh!    To be honest I think using apps like swingplane and so forth where you can video your swing and then submit it to a pro for review are always of benefit.  Feedback is essential and particularly when trying to figure out what it is you are doing wrong!
Honestly I would look at an investment in a GoPro Hero... They have by far the best movie cameras for sports out there.  Check out their home page at http://gopro.com/products/?gclid=CMWBg4mC8rMCFcuZ4Aod5HIA0w Good luck - will make a great Xmas present for yourself!
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